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Engine 7-1 is a 2008 Crimson Custom Pumper on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. This piece is setup as our primary structural response engine. Engine 7-1 has a 1750 GPM 2-stage Waterous pump, with an on-board water capacity of 750 gallons, 2 large diameter intakes, and 2 large diameter discharges. The pump is also equipped with an “around the pump” foam injection system, allowing us to put Class B AFFF foam into any of our pre-connected attack lines. This is also our primary mutual aid response engine.

The hose lines carried include: 2 – 1-3/4″ x 200′ cross-lays, 1 – 2-1/2″ x 200′ cross-lay, 2 – 1-3/4″ x 100′ trash lines, 1 – 2-1/2″ x 300′ flat load (100′ pre-connected and 200′ dead-loaded), 1 – 3″ x 300′ pre-connected apartment load with a gated-wye (for high-rise applications) and 2000′ of 5″ large diameter hose (LDH) for water supply.

The crew cab has seating for 8 crew members (Driver, 5 pack seats, and 2 non-pack jump seats). The cab also contains the enclosed pump panel. With the enclosed pump panel, the pump operator can control everything from inside the safety of the climate controlled cab. This includes the remote operated TFT Hurricane Master Stream device. This engine carries all of the equipment that was carried on the retired engine with room for expansion and the addition of new equipment.

Engine 7-1.jpg


Engine 7-2 is a 1995 Pierce Saber. Engine 2 is setup as our non-structural engine. It responds as our primary unit to vehicle accidents and it is also capable of structural response. It is equipped with a 1500 GPM Waterous single stage pump with a 500 gallon water tank. There is 1000′ of 5″ LDH supply line, along with 2 – 1-3/4″ x 200′ crosslays, 1 – 1-3/4″ x 100′ trash line off the front bumper and 1 – 2-1/2″ x 200′ preconnect off the rear.

Engine 7-2 carries a few pieces of equipment not carried anywhere else in our fleet, which include a set of Nightmare Rescue Struts, which allows us to complete some advanced stabilization techniques during vehicle rescue operations, etc.

Engine 7-2 is the oldest piece in our fleet at over 25 years old. It is well kept, so it really doesn’t show its age…pride in appearance and our apparatus plays a big part in that.

ENGINE 7-2.jpg


Air 7 is a 2004 Crimson Custom on a Spartan Gladiator Chassis. This was the 2nd piece of Crimson apparatus in Lancaster County. Air 7 was built as a “Special Service” piece, fulfilling a specialized purpose within the Emergency Services roles. Air 7 was built as an Air, Power, and Light unit. Air units are needed to fill the self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA, cylinder that firefighters use when they are in smokey or hazardous conditions.


Air 7’s on-board air system consists of 6 x 6000psi cascade cylinders, a 14 cfm Mako Compressor, and a 2 position Mako fill station. This setup allows us an essentially unlimited supply of Grade E breathing air. (The Grade “E” rating is higher than the Grade “D” requirement for firefighting SCBA cylinders, allowing us to fill SCUBA cylinders, if the need arises.) We have a 300ft high-pressure air hose reel, allowing for confined space operations and filling in-house cascade systems. Our fill station allows us to fill 2216psi, 3000psi, and 4500psi SCBA cylinders without having to change fill whips. We also carry a wide assortment of air fittings and adapters to allow us to be compatible with most air systems not using the Lancaster County Standard VHC-4 air fittings.


The heart of the power portion of this piece is a 40kW Onan PTO driven generator. This generator supplies 2 x 200ft cord reels and multiple outlets around the piece. It also powers all of the lighting that the piece is equipped with.


The lighting component consists of 4 x 500W body mounted Quartz lights, 2 x 10′ tripod mounted Halogen IR Quartz lights and a 16′ Wilbert light tower outfitted with 4 LED heads totaling 90,000 lumens of light from the light tower.

Air 7 Photo.jpg


Command 7 is a 2017 Chevy Tahoe and the newest addition to the fleet. This replaces the 1996 Tahoe that was retired. The Duty vehicle allows our officers to respond directly to the scene of an incident and have all of the necessary resources to establish the Incident Command (IC) role prior to the arrival of additional apparatus.

This vehicle is equipped with a combination of Federal Signal and Whelen emergency lighting, a MNStar wiring, an Odyssey Command Console in the rear, a Gamber Johnson tablet mount in the front and rear and dual radios, allowing the IC to monitor and operate on both the Dispatch and Ops talk groups.

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