Rapho BarnAir 7 was dispatched to the 1700 block of Mount Joy Rd to assist Comapny 26 (Manheim) on a barn fire. Air 7 made the response with a crew of 3 under the command of Lieutenant 7 (Duquin). Upon arrival, the crew setup to provide air fill support to the companies operating at the scene. The air unit fill approximately 18 cylinders while operating on the scene. Upon completion, the crew readied the unit for service and returned to quarters.

Air 7 Crew  
 Driver  FF B. Saylor
 OIC LT B. Duquin 
 Crew  FF E. Shenk

As of January 1, 2014, the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 has elected or appointed the following members as officers:

Fire Line Officers Executive Officers Board of Trustees
Fire Chief Dean R. Gantz, Jr. President Paul M. Rossi Head Trustee Robert A. Evans, III
Deputy Fire Chief Michael P. Dicely Vice President Bryan P. Duquin, Jr. 2-Year Trustee Bryan P. Duquin, Jr.
Assistant Fire Chief Andrew M. Kalbcah Secretary Rebecca L. Saylor 3-Year Trustee Matthew P. Foltz
Captain Robert A. Evans, III Treasurer Patricia M. Cook 4-Year Trustee Paul A. Cook
    Assistant Secretary Aubrey L. Day 5-Year Trustee Brian D. Saylor
    Assistant Treasurer Matthew P. Foltz    





heroes-2-color r7mFire WithinFor the third year in a row, the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 will be holding our "Heroes In The Sky event, with the help of our local K-Mart. They have graciously allowed us to use their roof to hold our event. Beginning on September 8, 2012 at 8:00 am and going through September 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm, we will be campaigning out in front of the store with our 2013 Fire Within Calendars. K-Mart is located at 3975 Columbia Ave, just off of Prospect Road in West Hempfield Township.
Please come out and support your local fire company!! 

It has come to our attention that there have been some errors on our recent fund drive letter that was received around July 6, 2012. The errors are surrounding the past donation amounts that are listed on the letter. This error was created by the mailing company when they merged our donation information database to their system to print on the letter. We have fielded numerous calls and emails about this issue, and have confirmed that the information we gave the mailing company was indeed accurate and validated to all complaints received. Rest assured, all donations received for our 2011 fund drive were appropriated to the fund drive and not misappropriated for any other use. If you have questions concerning your past donation, or any donation information that you received in the 2012 fund drive letter, Assistant Treasurer Matt Foltz will be handling these issues. He can be reached at 717-285-5456 x304, if he does not answer, leave a message, all calls will be returned.
We apologize for the error, and are working to reach a resolution with the mailing company. Thank you for your continued support.

The wireless industry, The FCC and FEMA will roll out the WEA's (Wireless Emergency Alerts) system nationwide this year. The NWS will start utilizing this by pushing extreme weather warnings over the system in June 2012. Tornado Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings and several other high-end warnings will go directly to wireless users in an affected county automatically if their device is capable. The following statement is from the National Wather Service:
If you have a cell phone, it may soon make some curious sounds and vibrations the next time you find yourself in the possible path of a tornado or several other types of weather emergencies.

Starting any day now, the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system will go live. That means the National Weather Service (NWS) warnings for dangerous weather, including tornadoes, flash flooding and huricanes, will be delivered free of charge to many mobile users on major wireless carriers. Tha alerts will look like text alerts, but use different technology that is not affected by network congestion.

The WEA system is "location-based", which means that you only receive alerts relavent to your physical location. In other words, if you travelto another city, you'll receive alerts for where you are, not back home.

AMBER Alerts and Presidential Alerts during a notional emergency will also be delivered through the WEA system. If you have a WEA-capable phone, you'll receive alerts unless you opt out (you can't opt out of Presidential Alerts, however). Interestingly, the alerts will *not* interupt phone conversations, but rather will be dalayed until a call is finished.

You can visit the Wireless Emergency Alerts page here to read more about it, and follow links to see if your device is capable of receiving these alerts

flaghalfOn January 12, 2012, Mountville Fire Company No. 1 Life Member Roberta M. "Bobbe" West passed away. Over the years, she was a member of the Mountville Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, as well as the Mountville Fire Company No. 1.  She held leadership positions in both organizations during her years of service.

With the fire department she was a member of the Fire Police on the Line side, and on the Administrative side, she held the elected offices of President and Treasurer, among others.  She was very dedicated and passionate about whatever her role was while serving the community.

We thank her for her service and extend our deepest sympathies to her family in this time of sorrow.

Here is the link to the Obituary with additional information and arrangements: Roberta M. "Bobbe" West

Gordon Waste 3A_2At approximately 2206 hours the Commercial Structure Fire assignment was transmitted for 125 Bridge St at Gordon Waste in Columbia Borough. Chief 81 (Ryno) checked up and got the additional of a fire on the conveyor system. 62 units (CBPD) arrived and reported heavy smoke pushing from the building. Chief 81 arrived, confirmed a fire in the building and requested the transmittal of the "Working Fire Assignment", bringing E7151 with a staffing of 5. Chief 8 (Kemmerly) had the Command.

At approximately 2246 hours, Command 8 requested Air 715 to the scene for Air Support.  715 crews worked the scene for approximately 4 hours until being returned to service. 

Click for Photo Gallery and additional images at Makinthehit.com

The 2012 Election results are in. On Monday, December 12, 2011, at the General Business Meeting, the Membership voted for the Suppression and Executive Officers for 2012.  This year, there were a few changes on both the Suppression and Executive rosters. We would like to thank those Officers that are out-going for their service in 2011, and congratulate the in-coming Officers for 2012.
The 2012 Officers are as follows:
Suppression OfficersExecutive OfficersBoard of Trustees
Chief Dean R. Gantz, Jr President Andrew Kalbach Head Trustee Paul Cook
Deputy Chief Michael Dicely Vice President Bryan Duquin, Jr 2 Year Trustee Brian Saylor
Assistant Chief Andrew Kalbach Secretary Chris Rossi 3 Year Trustee Robert Evans
Lieutenant Adam Weitzel Asst. Secretary Mike Rossi 4 Year Trustee Bryan Duquin
Treasurer Patricia Cook 5 Year Trustee Matthew Foltz
Asst. Treasurer Matthew Foltz

PB210055 thumbFor the weekly drill night, crews from 715 and 76 participated in a live burn evolution at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, under the direction of Captain Kalbach, Lieutenant Weitzel and Captain Wright. Crews ran multiple evolutions that consisted of advancing lines, searching rooms and extinguishing fire.
The crews utilized E7151 for the attack and backup lines, allowing fo rsome driver/pump operator training as well, along with the building evolutions. Squad 715 was along for the Air Support. 
Thank you to Company 76 for participating, allowing the crews to inter-mix and become more familiar with the "one team" efforts we provide on a regular basis on incidents.
Click here to view the Photo Gallery camera

OSAL logo  first alert_logo KiddeLogoNew

Recently, the Mountville volunteers received a donation from the "Operation Save A Life" program. "Operation Save A Life" is a team effort between ABC and Kiddie Corporation. The program distributes smoke detectors to local fire companies who can then, in turn, distribute them to those families in need. The "Operation Save A Life" program, now in it's 5th year with ABC27 (WHTM), has been successful since it's inception in 2006.

"Operation Save A Life has taken on such a larger meaning to this community," abc27 General Manager Joe Lewin said. "There are so many homes that never had a smoke alarm or one functioning properly. This hit a place that made a true difference in this community."

Just two weeks ago, a four-year-old boy in Chambersburg died when flames ripped through his town house. He was found in his bedroom, which investigators say did not have a smoke alarm. The goal of Operation Save A Life is to prevent similar tragedies.

"This is the right thing to do," Lewin said. "This is true community service by a television station. This is something we hope to continue for a long time."

If you or someone you know is in need of a working smoke detector, and are within our local service area, please contact us at (717)285-5456 x301.

DST Ends

As one season draws to a close and another approaches, the shift in Daylight Savings Time is happening again. On November 6, 2011 at 0200, Daylight Saving Time will end for this year, requiring you to "turn back the hands of time".  We at the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to remind everyone to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you roll back the clock. 

"In 2003-2006, roughly two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from home fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
- No smoke alarms were present in 40% of the home fire deaths.
- In 23% of the home fire deaths, smoke alarms were present but did not sound." (Provided by the National Fire Protection Association)

"In more than half of the reported home fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did not operate even though the fire was large enough, batteries were missing or disconnected. Nuisance alarms were the leading reason for disconnected alarms." (Provided by the National Fire Protection Association)

Sunday morning around 0900hrs, the Mountville volunteers were alerted to an apartment building fire in the 100 block of Wellington Rd, in Company 901's first due (Blue Rock Fire Rescue - North). Truck 67 (Rohrerstown) was first arriving with smoke showing from the roof. E7151 with 5 was second arriving engine company and was requested to complete the lay to R901. EMS crews were already in progress of completing that task, so the crew assisted with throwing ladders and pulled a secondary line to the first floor. The crew from 715 checked for extension on the first floor, while crews in the subdivision performed overhaul. Squad 715 was later requested for Air operations. Engine 7151 and the Squad worked the scene for about 1.5 hours. This was the 3rd working fire for the Mountville volunteers for the week.

Engine 7151     Squad715  
Chauffeur FF D. Millhouse   Chauffeur Chief D. Gantz, Jr.
OIC Capt. A. Kalbach   OIC FF C. Rossi
Force LT. A. Weitzel   Force FF M. Rossi
Line FF R. Howard      
Layout FF J. Iacono      

Aspen Ln RSFAt approximately 2000 hrs, LCWC alerted the Mountville volunteers, along with mutual aid departments, for a reported residential structure fire on Aspen Lane on the west side of the local. E7151 checked up with a crew of 4 under the direction of Capt715 (Kalbach), shortly after, WHTPD and Chief 715B (Dicely) arrived with smoke showing. E841 (Susquehanna) was first in, grabbed the water supply, with L81 (Columbia #1) and E7151 right behind, finding a working kitchen fire.  Crews advanced 2 x 1-3/4" lines and made a quick knock on the fire. R76 (West Hempfield) and E907 (Blue Rock) staged the crew for manpower and Squad 715 setup for the air support. After extinguishing the fire and checking for extension, crews ventilated the structure and performed some overhaul. Crews were released as they became available. Crews worked the scene for 1.5 hours.

Approximately 15 minutes after clearing the Aspen Lane incident, Squad/Air 715 was dispatched to York County to assist company 41 (Wrightsville) on their residential structure fire. The Mountville volunteers worked the York County scene for approximately 1.5 hours.

Nice job to all crews involved for the incidents this evening.

Fire Prevention Week 2011 LogoAs the 2011 Fire Prevention Week continues, our members continue to assist the community and local businesses with their fire prevention education events. St. Paul's Preschool is one of our annual education events, teaching their students ranging from 3 - 4 years old about the importance of fire safety and prevention. They get the opportunity to have a visit from our members, see our apparatus, gear, equipment, etc. The older students take a short walk to the station, and get a tour of the station along with the fire safety and prevention information.

Here are a few tips from the National Fire Prevention Association:

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Lancaster Township Fire Department and to the family and friends of LT Keith Rankin. Rest easy brother, you have touched the lives of more people than you knew. Stay strong, God Speed and God Bless. RIP LT Keith Rankin ~ 9/25/2011

91 WTC ImageOn this day 10 years ago, the unthinkable occurred. And with these events, the United States as we knew it changed forever. The great people of this nation united, standing strong in the face of terrorism and showing the world the supreme power of one great nation. As you go through your day, please take a moment and remember the tragic events that took the lives of many Americans. To the families of those who lost loved ones, we extend our sincere condolences. To those brave brothers and sister in Public Safety, you shall never be forgotten. God Speed God Bless.

9-11-2001 ~ We Shall Never Forget ~ 9-11-2011

Heroes In The Sky LogoFor the second year in a row, the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 will be holding our "Heroes In The Sky" event with the help of our local K-Mart. They have graciously allowed us to use their roof to hold our event. Beginning on September 10, 2001 at 0800 and going through September 11, 2011 at 1200, we will be campaigning out in front of the store with our 2012 The Fire Within Calendars.  K-Mart is located at 3975 Columbia Ave, just off of Prospect Rd in W. Hempfield Twp. Read the Press Release (pdf) for more information.

This is the fifth year for the event and the second year Mountville Fire Company No. 1 is participating. In the words of Chad Sartison, Chairman of Firefighters1st, “The calendar initiative is truly community-based and every dollar raised by the Mountville Fire Company No. 1, firefighters through selling the calendar will stay in Mountville. With the anniversary of September 11th, it is a timely occasion to be recognizing the immense contribution of all firefighters everywhere who day and night risk their lives, yet largely go unnoticed.

The Fire Within LogoHeroes in the Sky is the flagship event created by The Fire Within. It's purpose is to create awareness for volunteer fire departments and volunteer firefighters nationwide. Heroes In The Sky is used by departments involved in the Calendar Campaign. The annual event creates the perfect opportunity to accomplish the following:

  • Get your volunteer firefighters out in the community and interacting with the public
  • Sell hundreds of calendars! 
  • Enjoy remarkable team building and have fun while doing it 
  • Unite the voice of volunteer firefighters across North America

Rita's has extended the offer to hold a second fundraising event for the Mountville Fire Company again this year. The next event will be held on August 30, 2011 from 6:30 - 8:30pm at the Rita's on Columbia Avenue next to Chapman Ford. Please come out and support us in our efforts to raise funds, and enjoy a great treat from Rita's while you're here! A portion of sales proceeds will be donated to us, so the more they sell, the larger the donation. Let's see if we can top our past achievements with this event.

Rita's is located at 3929 Columbia Ave, next to Chapman Ford.

Waylen Matthew WeitzelCongratulations to Lieutenant Weitzel and his wife Lauren for the new addition to their family. Waylen Matthew Weitzel came into the world on July 31, 2011 at 2220 hours. He weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20" long. Lauren and Waylen are doing fine, and can't wait to go home. Congratulations again, welcome to the MFC family!

Please come out and join us on Saturday July 2, 2011 for Mountville Borough's Annual Fireworks Display. We will be located in Froelich Field, which is located at 350 West Main Street (behind the Mountville Pool). The night is scheduled to kick off around 9pm,but as you know, fireworks aren't as good if it's not dark, so it might be a little after. Celebrate Independence Day with friends and family and the volunteers of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1.

Miss Liberty FireworksThere is roughly more than $35,000,000 per year in fire damages nationally. These fires are due to fireworks, and decorations that are accented with fireworks. This ends up being expensive, not only for the government, and insurance companies, but also families who lose everything due to a fire. Even with insurance, families lose their private positions that may not be replicable or their lives.

The worst part is that many children are the ones that are injured in these types of fires. This is because they are not prepared to use fireworks safely. This is where you can do something about the fires from fireworks. These tips also include safety measures you can take for your regular decorations.

Fundraising With PenniesThe Mountville Fire Company No. 1's 2011 Fund Drive has begun.  The donation request letter will soon be arriving in your mail box, if it has not already done so.  Please take the time to read the letter and carefully consider supporting us as we support you.  This year, the fire department is trying to shed additional light on the fact that only 25% of our residents support us.  Periodically throughout the fund drive campaign, we will post the number of respondents by street.  Check back often and see how many of your neighbors are supporting the fire protection we provide to everyone.  Mention to them that municipalities are considering fire taxes to more evenly shoulder the burden because everyone benefits from this volunteer service!

Something else new this year is the method of acknowledging donations for tax deduction purposes.  The IRS has changed what is needed to verify a donation has been made.  We will email that receipt to residents who donate, if an email address is provided.  We prefer this method over mailing one due to cost considerations, however, if you do not have an email address we will mail a receipt out upon request.

Please help make this the most successful fund drive in the history of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1.

Thank you for your support,

The Officers and Members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1

Graaves At Arlington National CemetaryMemorial Day is special for different reasons, for some it symbolizes freedom, for others it represents a free day off, but very few people treat it as just another day. There is significance to be found in the holiday we know as Memorial Day.

Memorial day was originally called Decoration Day, and it is observed on the last Monday of May; this year it falls on this Monday, May 30th.


Yes, this paid day off work means a three-day weekend, and the day itself typically marks the beginning of summer, traditionally celebrated with cookouts and sunning it up at the lake. Two very good reasons to celebrate, but the holiday’s true meaning is about freedom and honor and love for our country.


Memorial day is a day to remember the brave soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and for many, given their lives in order to protect and defend this freedom.


According to the US Memorial Day website, the holiday was officially proclaimed on May 5,1868 by General John Logan. It was first observed on May 30,1868 when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. However, it was another five years before the first state officially recognized the holiday. New York led the country in 1873 and by 1890 it was recognized by all of the northern states.


There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Memorial Day as everyone has a different purpose. Some even honor the tradition of wearing red poppies as a symbol of the blood of heroes, thereby honoring those who died during war. A tradition that began in the early 1900’s and was inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields.”


So as we use this day to commemorate all the Americans who have died serving in the United States military let’s be grateful for our freedom by embracing life, even if only for today. Enjoy your three-day weekend grilling, boating, resting or just basking in your freedom.


By: Editor Jenna Marasco (http://www.freedomcurrent.com/trendingnews/the-meaning-behind-memorial-day.html)

A local business has offered to help us with a fundraising event in combination with their business.  Rita's, in the 3900 block of Columbia Ave, has extended an offer to help us raise funds. On June 7, 2011 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, a percentage of every sale made during that time period will go to the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 as a donation made by Rita's.

There will be a piece of apparatus on location during the event for you to view and explore, as well as Mountville Fire Company Staff if you have any questions. Please come out and support the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 and Rita's to make this a successful event.

It’s that time of year again for the annual Mountville Days' Carnival. The Carnival is a joint fundraising event sponsored by the Mountville Fire Company and the Mountville Youth Athletic Association (MYAA).

The Carnival is May 19th, 20th and 21st which is a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The times are as follows:

  • Thursday 6-10
  • Friday 6-11
  • Saturday 5-11.


In the late afternoon hours, the 715 Squad was dispatched along with the rest of the 2nd alarm, to the 200 block of Rivermoor Dr for a reported apartment fire. Squad 715 with 4, AOS, staged the unit and sent the manpower to staging ,while the driver of the unit began to set up for air operations. The crew was sent to work on the 1st and 2nd floors, hitting hot spots and opening up after the bulk of the fire was knocked down. 715 squad worked for just under 2 hours before returning to service.

Driver: DFC Evans
Officer: Lt. Weitzel
Force: FF Hess
Line: FF Iacono

Columbia Bowling Alley #14Just after 5am, Engine 7151 was requested for the building fire at the iconic Columbia Bowling Alley. The engine hit the street within minutes, and was advised by communications that police department was on scene reporting "a fully involved bowling alley". E7151 layed a water supply line into the scene from Columbia Ave, arriving on scene with heavy fire through the roof of the structure. The crew immediately stretched supply lines to Arial Tower 67 (Rohrerstown) and AT81 (Columbia #1) to begin master stream operations. A second alarm was struck by Command 76, bringing S715 and E7152 to the scene. Due to a problem with the local water supply, Command 76 requested tankers to aid in the fire fighting efforts. Units operated on scene for just over 6 hours. Click the photo to go to our Gallery.

Engine 7151 Engine 7152 Squad 715
Driver - FF Millhouse Driver - FF Saylor Driver - FF B. Weitzel
OIC - A/C Dicely OIC - Chief Gantz  
Force - LT A. Weitzel Force - FF M. Rossi  
Layout - FF Howard    
Line - FF Thomas    


Crews from 715 and 76 made there way to the public safety training center for the evening, to practice the deployment and management of hand lines. Shortly after arriving at the training center, the crew from 76 was summoned by communications to respond for an environmental rescue. Crews from 715 continued to train throughout the evening, stretching hand lines to the third floor of the drill tower. Shortly after returning to station, Squad 715 was requested by Command 76 to assist on the environmental rescue with specialized equipment. Squad 715 operated for just under an hour.

Not long after returning to quarters, Squad 715 and Engine 7151 were alerted to the 800 block of Hilltop Drive, for a reported house on fire. Communications advised units that the scene may not be safe for firefighters to enter, due to a potential police matter. Once police deemed the scene safe, units proceeded in to find no evidence of fire. Units returned to service shortly after.

Elm Ave DwellingShortly after 10am, Squad 715 was dispatched, on the working fire dispatch, to assist Company 66 (Lancaster Township) on a house fire in the 1200 block of Elm Ave. Squad 715 responded within minutes with staffing of 4. When arriving on scene, the squad was set up for air operations, and the crew went to assist on the interior of the home. Personnel assisted 66 with handline advancement to the third floor of the structure. Multiple cylinders were filled throughout the operation. The crew operated for just over an hour.

Squad 715
Driver - A/C Dicely
OIC - LT Weitzel
Force - FF Duquin
Line - FF Geissler


Shortly after 10pm, Squad 715 was special requested by Command 23 (E. Petersburg) to assist on the well involved barn fire. Staffed with 3 personnel, the Squad responded to assist with air supply on the scene. On arrival, the crew set up lighting and air fill operations. The crew operated for just over an hour.

Plane Street Row HomeUnits from 715 and 76 headed to the Public Safety Training Center for the evening, to train on ground ladder operations. Shortly after arriving, Engine 7151 and Squad 715 were requested on the second alarm to Columbia Borough, for the house on fire. Within seconds the units were on the street. When arriving on scene, in the 600 block of Plane Street, crews immediately went to work. Both the Squad and Engine crews preformed extensive overhaul throughout the two involved homes. Crews found moderate fire extension on all floors of the structures. The Squad filled Rescue 841 throughout the incident, as well as multiple cylinders. After operating on scene for approximately 3 hours, units were released by command 8.

Engine 7151 Squad 715
Driver - Chief Gantz Driver - D/C Evans
OIC - A/C Dicely OIC - LT Weitzel
Force - Capt Kalbach Force - FF Hess
Line - FF Brady  


The 27th Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 6pm until midnight at the Four Seasons Golf Course in Landisville. Questions please contact Bryan Duquin.

Cherry St GarageJust after 12 noon, E7151 and S715 were dispatched into Columbia Borough for the working garage fires. E7151 transferred to Company 84 (Susquehanna), while S715 went to the scene for the air supply. S715 staged in the parking lot off of Cherry St. The Chauffeur setup the air operation while the balance of the crew went to work. S715 filled 10 cylinders  while on the scene. S715 was on the incident for just over an hour, while E7151 spent approximately 2 hours on the transfer.


Engine 7151 Squad 715
Driver - FF Weitzel Driver - FF Saylor
OIC - Capt Kalbach OIC - LT Weitzel
Force - FF DUquin Force - FF Howard
Backup - FF M. Rossi  
Line - FF Thomas  



Rain covered the county most of the day, keeping the 715 and 76 volunteers busy. Units from Mountville and West Hempfield responded to 5 collisions throughout the township and borough. E7152 assisted 76 with 2 crashes over the hill in the AM hours, both had minor injuries. As the day progressed, R76 assisted 715 with 2 collisions at the infamous "Hempland Rd and Electronics Way" intersection. Crews also operated on a single vehicle rollover collision on E. New St in the borough. This caused delays throughout the Mountville area due to the road closures of E. New St for the collision and E. Main St (Rt. 462) for the bridge construction.

E. New St Collision Hempland Rd Crash


Ohenry PlaceShortly before 4am, units from 715 were alerted to assist Company 67 (Rohrerstown) with the working house fire. Squad 715 and Engine 7151 responded promptly with a staffing of 6 personnel. Due to a large amount of fire throughout the house, it was difficult to make an aggressive interior attack on the structure. Crews operated with master streams initially, until the bulk of the fire was knocked down. On arrival, S715 setup an air supply, and placed lighting throughout the scene. E7151 arrived and the crew went to work performing a primary search of the second floor and assisting with overhaul. Units from 715 operated on scene for approximately 3 hours.

Engine 7151 Squad 715
Driver - FF B. Weitzel Driver - A/C Dicely
Officer - Capt Kalbach  
Force - Chief Gantz  
Backup - FF M. Rossi  
Line - FF DUquin  


Station 23 (E. Petersburg) was alerted to the 6000 block of High St.  Crews arrived to find a single story home with heavy fire conditions.  Command 23 special requested S715 to the scene to assist with air supply. Crews filled 28 cylinders throughout the incident.

Squad 715
Driver - Chief Gantz
Officer - FF Duquin
Force - FF Cook


Engine 7151 was alerted along with Company 76 for the outbuilding in the 900 block of Farmdale Rd. E7151 responded within minutes with 4 personnel. E7151 and E762 arrived to find a small smokehouse well involved. Crews stretched a 1-3/4" line and made quick work of the fire. The assignment was held to teh two engines. Units operated for approximately 20 minutes.

Engine 7151 Duty Officer
Driver - FF Millhouse A/C Mike Dicely
Officer - Chief Gantz  
Force - LT. Weitzel  
Line - FF Saylor  


Dwelling 1Shortly before 7am units from companies 90, 715, and 67 were alerted to the 3200 block of Columbia Ave for a reported house on fire. AT67 was first to arrive on scene confirming a working fire in the single family home. The working fire dispatch was requested (bringing S715 to the scene) and a second alarm was dispatched. E7152, running as 4the due engine on the first alarm, was the first arriving suppression unit. Obtaining their own water supply the crew from E7152 advanced several attack lines and with the assistance of AT67 began an aggressive attack on the structure. On arrival, the remainder of the first alarm, working fire dispatch and second alarm aided in fire suppression and overhaul. Units from 715 operated on the scene for 2 hours.

 Check the Photo Gallery for additional images (Courtesy of Woody Woodward and Matthew Reifsnyder)

Thanks to Company 719 for filling in at Station 715 while our units were out.

Engine 7152 Squad 715
Driver - Capt. Kalbach Driver - FF B. Weitzel
Officer - Lt. Weitzel  
Line - FF R. Hess  
Layout - FF M. Rossi  


In the early hours of the morning, units from 715, 76 (West Hempfield), 67 (Rohrerstown), and 84 (Susquehanna) were alerted to the 200 block of Orkney Rd for a reported apartment fire. Chief 7152 responded immediately and was advised by communications that PD was on scene with smoke showing from a ground level apartment. Chief 7152 arrived and confirmed smoke ensuing from an apartment to the rear of the four unit structure. E7152 arrived establishing a water supply and deployed hand lines to the apartment. R841 and AT67 arrived along with E7152 and proceeded with laddering the building and finding the source of the smoke. Units traced the smoke back to a malfunctioning furnace and advised that there was no active fire. The assignment was held to Companies 715 and 67 for smoke removal. Crews operated for approx. 30 min.

Duty Officer - A/C Dicely
Engine 7152 Squad 715
Driver - FF M. Foltz Driver - FF B. Weitzel
Officer - Capt. Kalbach Officer - FF C. Rossi
Force - Chief Gantz  
Layout - FF E. Conley  
Line - FF C. Thomas  


TT Overturned 1Just after the morning rush hour, units from 715 and 76 (West Hempfield) were alerted for a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer at the intersection of College Ave and Hempland Rd in Mountville Boro. E7152 and S715 arrived to find a tractor trailer on its side in the intersection. The driver was out of the vehicle uninjured. Crews remained on scene for about an hour and a half mitigating an oil leak until the vehicle was up righted.

Click the photo to visit the Gallery.

Fill Site 1At 0730, Engine 7152 was dispatched to assist Blue Rock Fire and Rescue (Company 90) with a brush fire. E7152 responded within minutes and was directed to Blue Rock Rd to establish a fill site. While responding, Command 90 redirected the unit to the intersection of Donnerville Rd and Abeline Dr to fill tankers. The crew operated for just over 3.5 hours filling a total of 25 tankers. While E7152 operated the fill site S715 handled a call for wires down in Mountville Boro. Click on the photo to visit the Gallery.

As we move forward into the 2010 holiday season, please remember those people who are currently serving in our military and unable to be home, remember the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice throughout the year for our country. Please keep the members and families of the Chicago FD in your thoughts after the recent LODD of 2 brave brothers doing the deed and remember all those who have fallen protecting lives and property.

As we quickly approach the new year, let us not forget to look back on 2010 and remember the events throughout the year and remember, things could have always been worse, and can only get better.

Happy holidays to all from the Staff at the Mountville Fire Company No. 1.  Stay safe, God Speed and God Bless.

It is with great disappointment that Mountville Fire Company announces a decision of Manor Township Supervisors that will directly affect the personal safety and property of the citizens in Manor Township. On Monday, December 6, 2010 the Manor Township Supervisors voted unanimously to recognize Blue Rock Fire Rescue as the only Manor Township fire department and removed Mountville Fire Company as a primary fire service.

Over the past three years West Lancaster, Millersville, Washington Borough, and Highville Fire Companies have been progressing toward a consolidation of fire company resources. This consolidation has resulted in the Blue Rock Fire Rescue. During this process a study was conducted and discussed that a pumper should be no further than 1.5 miles away from any address point in the township. Currently Mountville Fire Company’s first due area covers a large portion of Manor Township according to this standard and is not overlapped by any Blue Rock Fire Rescue resource.

What does this mean to you? If your home or business is currently protected by Mountville Fire Company, after January 1, 2011 you could potentially wait an additional 5-10 minutes for a fire engine to arrive to your emergency. Manor Township supervisors were advised of this information and stated at the recent township meeting that they are okay with this potential delay in fire response.

In addition to removing Mountville Fire Company as a primary fire service provider in Manor Township, the Manor Township Supervisors have removed all funding of the Mountville Fire Company. In years past, Manor Township has supported Mountville Fire Company with an $11,000 donation to our operating budget. This donation was made to support the fire company with the costs associated with providing fire protection to the Manor Township residences and businesses.

In the same study mentioned previously, an estimated cost of $3 million dollars would be incurred if Manor Township were to build a new station to effectively cover the area Mountville Fire Company currently serves. At this rate and baring any increases in donation, Mountville Fire Company could continue to serve this area for over 270 years.

Manor Township officials have stated that they intend to utilize Mountville Fire Company as mutual aid to cover the area that Mountville previously covered as the primary agency. In other words, Blue Rock Fire Rescue would be in charge of the emergency, but Mountville would most likely be the first arriving unit. With this plan and no funding, Manor Township would leave the taxpayers of Mountville Borough and West Hempfield Township to subsidize the fire protection of their township.

To View The Resolution Made By Manor Township Click Here --> Fire Service Resolution

Each year fires occurring during the holiday season claim the lives of over 400 people, injure 1,650 more, and cause over $990 million in damage. According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), there are simple life-saving steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy holiday. By following some of the outlined precautionary tips, individuals can greatly reduce their chances of becoming a holiday fire casualty.

Preventing Christmas Tree Fires
  • Christmas Tree Fire Hazards - Movie segments demonstrating how fast a live Christmas tree can become fully engulfed in flames. Special fire safety precautions need to be taken when keeping a live tree in the house. A burning tree can rapidly fill a room with fire and deadly gases. Watch a demonstration video from the NIST about Christmas tree fires here
  • Selecting a Tree for the Holiday - Needles on fresh trees should be green and hard to pull back from the branches, and the needle should not break if the tree has been freshly cut. The trunk should be sticky to the touch. Old trees can be identified by bouncing the tree trunk on the ground. If many needles fall off, the tree has been cut too long, has probably dried out, and is a fire hazard.
  • Caring for Your Tree - Do not place your tree close to a heat source, including a fireplace or heat vent. The heat will dry out the tree, causing it to be more easily ignited by heat, flame or sparks. Be careful not to drop or flick cigarette ashes near a tree. Do not put your live tree up too early or leave it up for longer than two weeks. Keep the tree stand filled with water at all times.
  • Disposing of Your Tree - Never put tree branches or needles in a fireplace or woodburning stove. When the tree becomes dry, discard it promptly. The best way to dispose of your tree is by taking it to a recycling center or having it hauled away by a community pick-up service.
Holiday Lights
  • Maintain Your Holiday Lights - Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots, gaps in the insulation, broken or cracked sockets, and excessive kinking or wear before putting them up. Use only lighting listed by an approved testing laboratory.
  • Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets - Do not link more than three light strands, unless the directions indicate it is safe. Connect strings of lights to an extension cord before plugging the cord into the outlet. Make sure to periodically check the wires, they should not be warm to the touch.
  • Do Not Leave Holiday Lights on Unattended
Holiday Decorations
  • Use Only Nonflammable Decorations - All decorations should be nonflammable or flame-retardant and placed away from heat vents.
  • Never Put Wrapping Paper in a Fireplace - It can result in a very large fire, throwing off dangerous sparks and embers and may result in a chimney fire.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees - If you are using a metallic or artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant.
Candle Care
  • Avoid Using Lit Candles - If you do use them, make sure they are in stable holders and place them where they cannot be easily knocked down. Never leave the house with candles burning.
  • Never Put Lit Candles on a Tree - Do not go near a Christmas tree with an open flame, candles, lighters or matches.
Finally, as in every season, have working smoke alarms installed on every level of your home, test them monthly and keep them clean and equipped with fresh batteries at all times. Know when and how to call for help. And remember to practice your home escape plan.
(Reproduced from the United States Fire Administration (USFA) Holiday Fire Safety Page [http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/citizens/home_fire_prev/holiday-seasonal/holiday.shtm]

TOT 1Friday evening, during Trick or Treat, some members of the fire department and their friends, passed out candy to children that ventured to the fire station.  Thanks to Meg Kalbach and Jackie Bradford for passing out treats to the public. 

719 Dwelling 1As members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 were gathering at the station on Thursday evening to head into Columbia for the 64th annual Mardi Gras “Halloween” Parade, a dwelling fire was dispatched in Hempfield Fire Departments first due, 1072 Snapper Dam Rd. in East Hempfield Township. Engine 7-15-1 went enroute with 5 within two minutes. While responding Captain 7-6-2 went on scene with a working single family dwelling. Our assignment was to lay a supply line for Engine 7-6-2 then for our staff to report to manpower staging with E7-15-1 officer (Lt. Weitzel) in charge of that sector. Later in the incident Squad 7-15 was added for the air. The company operated a little more than one and a half hours on scene. 
Our thanks to the Columbia Lions Club and Sunsnappers for the parade invitation, but Duty called. Visit our Photo Gallery  to view more images.
Engine 7-15-1
  • Chauffer   Chief Gantz
  • Officer       Lt. Weitzel
  • Force        FF Brandon Way
  • Back Up   FF M. Rossi
  • Layout      FF C. Rossi
Squad 7-15
  • Chauffer   FF B. Saylor
  • Officer       FF J. Iacono
  • Force        FF B. Duquin 

Housing 1On October 17, 2010 the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 gathered with members of our mutual aid departments and the public to officially “house” our 2008 Crimson engine. With perfect weather conditions, we welcomed our guests with remarks from the Housing Committee Chairman, Bryan Duquin, fire company President Andrew Kalbach, and the new engine committee chairman Fire Chief Dean R. Gantz, Jr. The first order of the day was to retire the 1988 Pierce Lance that had been dedicated to Past Fire Chief Harry S. Froelich. Next, the salesman for the unit, Dave Grace of Kaza Fire Equipment, presented the fire department with a framed photograph of our new “baby”. This was followed with the announcement to whom the new engine would be dedicated to. This decision was very easy for all involved – Past Fire Chief Lloyd “Sonny” Drybred. Accepting this honor for the family was our current Assistant Fire Chief Michael P. Dicely, the grandson of Chief Drybred.
The Housing Committee on behalf of the membership presented the members of the new engine committee a plaque as a token of appreciation for their time involved in this project.
  • Dean R. Gantz, Jr, Chairman
  • Brian R. Weitzel
  • Robert A. Evans III
  • Brian D. Saylor
  • Michael P. Dicely
  • Derrick J. Millhouse
  • Joseph S. Iacono
With all the official recognitions taken care of, all that was left was for the department members to participate in pushing the new unit into the station. The honor of backing the new engine into the station was given to Assistant Chief Michael P. Dicely.
The Afternoon was closed with a few remarks by Fire Chief Dean R. Gantz, Jr. Then all attending were invited to enjoy some refreshments and socializing in the station meeting room.

Thanks to all who attended for making our celebration a success as well as the Housing Committee for their hard work. Please check out the photos from this event in our Photo Gallery 

On October 14, 15, 18 & 19, 2010, crews visited 2 of the Preschools in our local to give Fire Prevention presentations to the children.  October 14 we attended St. Paul\'s Preschool 3-year old class, and the following day the St. Paul\'s 4-year old class visited us at the station.  The following week, it was the Manor BIC Preschool class that got a visit from the Crew.  Both classes enjoyed the visits from the Fire Company, and enjoyed looking at and walking through the Engine.  Thank you for another successful Fire Prevention year, and we will see all of you next year.  Remember...Fire Prevention is good ALL YEAR LONG!!

Check out a few of the pictures of our visits in the slideshow below.

No video? Download the DivX Plus Web Player.

On the morning of Thursday, October 14, 2010, at 0355 hours, the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 was dispatched to a vehicle fire at 124 Hershey Mill Rd in Manor Township. Chief Gantz arrived to find a passenger vehicle burning in the parking lot with a pick up truck parked next to it. Engine 7-15-1 (DC Evans) arrived, dropped a supply line from the hydrant, and then put a 1¾“ crosslay in service to extinguish the fire. The fire was declared under control at 0412 hours. The pickup suffered some heat damage but was not severely damaged. The PSP fire marshal was contacted to investigate the cause. Units cleared the scene at 0518 hours. You can view the photos from our Photo Gallery Camera

Video courtesy of Cpl Ober, WHTPD

No video? Download the DivX Plus Web Player.

Vehicle Fire #1Today, Engine 7152 went to the Day Spring Christian Academy in Mountville for fire prevention. The crew spoke with Kindergarten and 1st graders about fire safety and the operations of the Mountville Fire Department. We also took this time to perform a preplan inspection of the newly renovated facility. We welcome the Day Spring Christian Academy into our community and hope to work with them again in the future.

After completion of the fire prevention and inspection we were added to the auto fire assignment in Company 67\'s area of route 30. Engine7152 arrived with a working engine compartment fire and assisted 67 with suppression and overhaul. Crews operated for about 30 minutes.

Engine 7152 Crew 
  • Driver - Asst. Chief Dicely
  • Officer - LT Weitzel
  • Force - FF Hess
  • Line - FF Cook

E7151 MainThe Mountville Fire Company No. 1 will be hosting the Housing Ceremony for the 2008 Crimson Engine, listed as Engine 7-15-1. This will be a great event, with many other fire companies joining us, and light refreshments to follow the ceremony. We invite anyone from the public to attend this event. The Date of the event is Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 2:00pm and will be held at the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 located at 26 North Lemon Street, Mountville Pa, 17554

This year the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 will be going door to door to offer our services of checking you homes smoke detectors and reminding our residences that it may be time to change their smoke detector batteries. This will give you the opportunity to have any fire related questions answered as well as meet some of the members of the fire company. Along with this initiative we will be selling calendars that feature Mountville Fire Company No. 1 and ten other Lancaster County Volunteer Fire Company’s. These calendars are selling for $20.00 each and are a full color high quality calendar. The proceeds from the calendar sale will help fund the Mountville Fire Company so that we may continue to serve you! Please call the station at 717-285-5456 to find out when we will be in your neighborhood! 

Engine 715-1 was dispatched this morning in the area of the 200 blk of Donnerville Rd for reported brush on fire. Units from 715 arrived to find a large trash pile in the middle of the field. Units got an 1- 3/4" line on the fire, and worked the area with hooks. Tanker 65 (Millersville) was added to the call for water supply. Once the area was worked over, units from 715 and 65 returned to service.

Engine 7151 Crew
Driver: FF Millhouse
Officer: DFC Evans
Line: LT. Weitzel

On September 14th, 2010, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners adopted "Resolution #83 of 2010" (Click the resolution to view the document), which established a COUNTY-WIDE BURN BAN ON OPEN BURNING for Lancaster County, effective 30 days from September 16th, 2010 @ 1000am. This burn ban supersedes any municipal ordinances.

The definition of Open Burning as it is referred to in Resolution #83 of 2010 is as follows (quoted directly from "Resolution #83 of 2010"):

"Open burning is hereby defined as the ignition and subsequent burning of any combustible material ( garbage, leaves, grass, twigs, litter, paper, vegetative matter involved with land clearing or any other sort of debris) out-of-doors in either a burn barrel (screened or unscreened), fire ring, or on the ground. Exemption is given to fires for the exclusive purpose of food preparation."

A few additional points from the Burn Ban are noted below:
  • The Lancaster County Resolution goes into effect on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 10 am It will automatically be in effect for 30 days (Oct. 16, 2010). The ban can be extended or lifted early upon the recommendation of the District Forester to the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.
  • The ban can be enforced of any sworn police officer in accordance with the provisions of State Law Act 1995-52
  • A person who violates this Resolution commits a summary offense and shall, upon conviction be sentenced to a fine of not more than $100.00 for the first offense, $200.00 for the 2nd and $300.00 for any additional.

Heroes In The Sky Event - 9/10/2010 @ 5pm until 9/11/2010 @ 5pm (24 hours straight) - Location: K-Mart, 3975 Columbia Ave (Columbia Ave & Prospect Rd).  Please come out and support us and purchase the 1st EVER Lancaster County Fire Companies Calendars! 

"Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. The victims were in airplanes, or in their offices; secretaries, businessmen and women, military and federal workers; moms and dads, friends and neighbors... None of us will ever forget this day. Yet, we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world. "
-President George W. Bush: September 11, 2001

9/11 Memorial

Fire Within CalendarPlease come out to see Mountville Fire Company at the Heroes In The Sky event being held at K-Mart on Columbia Avenue!

Heroes in the Sky is in commemoration of the lives lost on September 11, 2001. Firefighters from Mountville Fire Company will be camping out on the roof top of K-Mart for 24 hours in honor of the men and women that lost their lives that day.

During the event, personnel will be available to show the public the fire engines, discuss volunteer opportunities, and educate kids about fire safety.

We will also be selling the FIRST EVER Lancaster County Fire Company Calendar from the Fire Within. The calendars feature different fire companies throughout Lancaster County. Proceeds from the calendar sales will benefit the Mountville Fire Company.

Please contact Robert Evans at 717-285-5456 with any questions regarding the event. ALSO PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! THIS SHOULD BE A GREAT TIME!

Calendars can be purchases even if you can\'t attend the event. Email [email protected] to request your calendar today. Calendars are $20.00 each 

W. Main St MVA 1Shortly after 07:00, 7-15 and 7-6 (West Hempfield) were alerted for a one-car crash with injuries. Engine 7-15-2 and Squad 7-15 made the response with a staffing of 6. Engine 2 arrived first confirming a one-car crash, with one still in the vehicle. E 7-15-2 officer investigated and found one confined to the vehicle. R-7-6 arrived and deployed the tools for extrication. After both driver’s side doors and the “B” post were removed, the driver was place in care of EMS. Companies 7-15 and 7-6 were clear shortly before 08:00.
Mass Transit MVA 1
With-in minutes after returning to the firehouse, a vehicle accident involving a mass transit vehicle was put out. This call added E8-4-1 (Susquehanna) and S 7-15-2. E 7-15-2, S 7-15, and R 7-6 all arrived together with-in 2 minutes of dispatch and found a two-car crash with multiple injuries. Lt. 7-15 (Weitzel) assumed the command and Capt. 7-15 (Kalbach) took the scene. Companies 7-15, 7-6, and 8-4 stabilized both vehicles, controlled all hazards, and worked with EMS to assess and transport eight patients from the scene. Units cleared in just under an hour.

Just after 1530 Engine 7152 was requested for the engine company transfer to Station 711 (Rheems). 7152 stood by for 711 while units in the North Western section of the county were operating on a 2 alarm barn fire. The crew stood by with Pumper/Tanker 3 from Lawn, Lebanon County. Neither unit picked up any calls while on standby. Units covered Station 711 for approx. 5 hours.

Class A Burn BuildingUnits from 715, 76 (West Hempfield), 67 (Rohrerstown), and 84 (Susquehanna)  headed to the Berks County Fire Training Center in the early hours of Saturday morning for a Class A burn session. The day consisted of assigned teams performing a number of fire scene disciplines under live fire conditions. Personnel practiced fire attack, search and rescue, ventilation, and ladder work. The live fire conditions allowed personnel to operate under comparable conditions to our everyday operations in the community. The training session provided an invaluable experience for crews.

We would like to extend our thanks to Highville Fire Company and Susquehanna Fire and Rescue for providing standby assistance for us while we were training. While on standby units from 62 and 84 protected the community while handling a fire alarm and a vehicle accident.

We would also like to thank the staff of the Berks County Fire Training Center for their assistance throughout the day.

Engine 7151 was alerted to assist the police department at a local strip mall. Chief 7152 (Dicely) was advised of a suspicious package at the location and police wanted the fire department to stand by. Units from 715 stood by with police for approx. 1 hour until local and state agencies were able to mitigate the problem. 
Engine 7151
  • Driver - FF Millhouse
  • Officer - LT Weitzel
  • Force - FF Brady
  • Layout - FF Fenstemaker
  • Line - FF Saylor 

Spencer AveIt was a busy day for the 715 Volunteers. The day began early at 2am assisting West Hempfield with an automatic alarm. Units were quickly cleared by Chief 761. A short time later at 3am Squad 715 was requested on the working fire dispatch to Spencer Ave in Lancaster Township. Crews from Company 66 had arrived on scene with fire showing from a 1 1/2 story residence. Squad 715 arrived and the crew went to work providing lighting, air, and overhaul. Squad 715 operated for approx. 2 hours on the Lancaster Township incident.

Units from 715 also made responses for a gas leak and a class 1 vehicle accident on Rt 30 throughout the day.

Crash - 462
In the evening units from 715 and 76, as part of a joint training effort, meet at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center to train on vehicle rescue practices. Crews preformed stabilization and practiced lifting a bus off of a vehicle with air bags. Minutes within leaving the training center units from 715 and 76 were alerted to the 4000 block of Columbia Ave for a vehicle accident. E7152, Squad 715, and Rescue 76 immediately responded. Chief 761 arrived to find one vehicle that struck a utility pole and sheered it off. Crews preformed hazard control and patient care before clearing the incident.

 Basket Bingo - September 18, 2010 - Doors open at 5pm, Bingo starts at 7pm - Tickets or Info call Joe at (717)285-4823. *** Members: Help is still needed, sign-up on the board.***

Trash Fire #2Company 715 was dispatched to the 3100 block of Charlestown Rd in Manor Twp for an Unknown Type Fire.  E7152 checked up with 4 personnel under the direction of A/C Dicely, receiving the additional from Communications of heavy smoke above the tree line.  E7152 arrived in the area and was met by Manor Twp PD, advising of trash burning back a dirt lane, right along the trees.  E7152 proceeded down the lane to find a working trash pile unattended.  The crew extinguished the fire without incident and cleared the assignment within 20 minutes.

E7152 Crew
  • Driver - FF Saylor
  • OIC - A/C Dicely
  • Force - LT Weitzel
  • Line - FF Brady

There will be a Joint Consolidation Meeting held on August 24, 2010 at 1900 hours at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center.

Pitney Rd CrashEngine 7152 was alerted to assist Company 76 (West Hempfield) on the vehicle accident with injuries. Hitting the street within minutes, with a staffing of 5 personnel, we arrived with Rescue 76 to find a vehicle down a 30 foot embankment. All patients were self extricated from the vehicle on our arrival. The crew assisted the 76 with patient care and hazard control. 715 operated on scene for approx. 30 minutes. Click on the image to view the gallery.
Engine 7152
  • Driver - Asst. Chief Dicely
  • Officer - LT Weitzel
  • Force - Capt. Kalbach
  • Backup - FF Hess
  • Line - FF Thomas

Patches and Baby EmmaThe Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to congratulate FF Zach Patches and his wife Jett on the birth of their beautiful baby girl! On August 5th, 2010 @ 1959 PST, Emma Joy Patches entered this world. She measures in at 6 lb 6 oz and 19 1/2" long. She was born at the Rancho Springs Medical Center. We hope everyone is doing well...Congratulations again.

The 2010 Mountville National Night Out, in combination with the West Hempfield Township National Night Out, was held at the Mountville Community Park. This year there were several events that were conducted throughout the night. Some of the events during the evening are as follows:
  • Vehicle Extrication conducted by West Hempfield Fire and Rescue and the Mountville Fire Company personnel
  • K-9 Demonstration conducted by the Lancaster County Sheriff\'s office
  • Pennsylvania State Police helicopter landing and display 
The Mountville Fire Company would like to thank the following agencies for their participation during tonight events:
  • West Hempfield Township Police Department
  • West Hempfield Fire and Rescue
  • Lancaster County Fireman\'s Association – For the smoke trailer
  • Lancaster County Special Emergency Services Team (SERT)
  • The Pennsylvania State Police – Helicopter display
  • Lancaster County Park Rangers
  • Lancaster County Sheriff\'s office
  • Patriot Towing – Donation of the vehicle which was cut apart
  • Turkey Hill Dairy\'s – Donation of the drinks for the evening
  • Lancaster County Wide Communications – Fieldcomm unit
  • Mountville Lions Club
  • Mountville Borough Authority – For closing down the roadways for the evening
  • Mayor Phil Kresge - For the use of his speaker system
  • Susquehanna Valley EMS – Ambulance Display

If there are any other organization which were forgotten, we apologize. Thank you to the residence of Mountville Borough and West Hempfield Township for a successful evening, and for the continued support of the local emergency services.

Photos coming soon!!

National Night Out 2010 ~ Mountville Community Park ~ 5pm - 8pm ~ Come out for Food, Fun and Demonstrations by Police, Fire and EMS Helicopters.  

Tractor Fire - Manor TwpAround 1230 units from 715 were dispatched to a farm on Habacker Church Rd, in the Manor, for an auto fire. Both engines hit the street within minutes with a staffing of 7. Initial reports from LCWC were that of a farm tractor on fire in front of the address, chief 715 arrived confirming a working fire. Crews made a quick knock of the fire and mitigated a fuel leak before returning to service. Units operated just under 30 minutes.
Engine 7152
  • Driver - Asst. Chief Dicely
  • Officer - Captain Kalbach
  • Line - FF Brady
  • Force - FF Cook
Engine 7151
  • Driver - FF Foltz
  • Officer - LT Weitzel
  • Line - FF Thomas  


Eleven Fire Companies from the Lancaster County area will appear in the first ever US edition of the renowned The Fire Within firefighter calendar.
Photo shoots for the participating departments will take place over the weekend at their respective fire halls during the following dates and times:
Friday, July 23rdPenryn @ 7:00 pm; and Terre Hill @ 9:00 pm
Saturday, July 24thGordonville @ 9:00 am; Liberty @ 11:00 am; 
Rothsville @ 1:00 pm; Brunnerville @ 3:00 pm;
and Mastersonville @ 7:00 pm.
Sunday, July 25thHope @ 9:30 am, Lititz @ 12:00 pm; Mountville @ 3:30 pm;
and Gap @ 6:30 pm

Please come out and support your local fire company!

The Fire Within LogoEleven Fire Companies from the Lancaster County area will appear in the first ever US edition of the renowned The Fire Within firefighter calendar. Photo shoots for the participating departments will take place over the weekend at their respective fire halls during the following dates and times:
  • Friday, July 23rdPenryn @ 7:00 pm; and Terre Hill @ 9:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 24thGordonville @ 9:00 am; Liberty @ 11:00 am; Rothsville @ 1:00 pm; Brunnerville @ 3:00 pm; Mastersonville @ 7:00 pm.
  • Sunday, July 25thHope @ 9:30 am, Lititz @ 12:00 pm; Mountville @ 3:30 pm;
  • and Gap @ 6:30 pm
"The Fire Within is in its sixth year in Canada and has raised millions of dollars that have been used for equipment and training," says Chad Sartison, Chair of The Fire Within. "Since the beginning, we have been fielding calls from fire companies in the US to expand the highly successful initiative south of the border, and Lancaster County is the perfect place to start."

The strength of the project is that it is truly community-based. Funds raised in the community stay in the community, ensuring firefighters have access to training and equipment that will help keep themselves and the public they serve safe. Although the money raised by the project is essential to many fire companies across the nation, more than that, the purchase of a calendar is an important symbolic demonstration of support by the public.

Flag Half StaffD. Leverne StaufferThe members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to send their sincere condolences to the family, friends and members of the Neffsville Fire Company with the passing of Chief Emeritus D. Laverne Stauffer.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers as they move forward through this difficult time.

Additional information and funeral arrangements will be posted on Company 2-7\'s website as they become available.

Engine 1 at Rita\'sA sincere thank you to everyone that came out to Rita\'s of Columbia last night to support the Mountville Fire Company No. 1. Together we raised over $150.00 in just over two hours. Special thanks to Rohrerstown Fire Company, Lancaster Township Fire Company, and Highville Fire Company, which made an appearance with apparatus at the event as well!

Mountville Fire Company would like to thank Rita\'s Water Ice for the opportunity to raise funds as well as make a community presence. The support of our local businesses and residents help to keep our doors open so that we may continue to provide emergency services to the public.

On July 7th, between 6pm and 8pm, Mountville Fire Company and Rita\'s of Columbia will be joining forces to raise funds for the fire company. Come out and enjoy some water ice treats and see the fire engines. We will be providing tours and will have some fire prevention items available. We look forward to seeing you.

Fireworks 2010The Mountville Community Services Foundation and the Mountville V.F.W. sponsored the community fireworks which were held at Froelich Park, 350 W. Main St. tonight.  It was a very spectacular show – thank you to the sponsors for providing the show.   Thank you to the mutual aid fire departments that assisted us in providing protection during the show.

The Mountville Fireworks will be on Saturday July 3, 2010 at Froelich Park (Mountville Pool) starting at Dusk.  Please come out and celebrate Independence Day with us.

E7152 & L67The Mountville Fire Company No. 1 spent over seven hours assisting the Rohrerstown Fire Company at a dwelling fire on Marietta Ave.

The last couple hours the apparatus did most of the work, providing view obstruction for the protection of the law enforcement officials working the scene. Our thoughts go out to the family affected by this fire.

Thank you to the Highville Fire Company for the standby while we were out. 

The 2010 Fund Drive for the Mountville Fire Company No.1 is currently underway. The annual donation request letter should be arriving in mailboxes any day now. Please take a few minutes to read through it and help us in any way you can.  This is our largest income program supporting our budget.
If you receive a letter and are not located in Mountville Fire Company No. 1’s first due area please take the time to make an effort to help the fire company that protects you.
Thank you for all of your support.

The first half of 2010 came to an end with the Mountville Fire Company No.1 answering 37 calls in the month of June. That is the second busiest month for the year behind February’s total of 39.   The total number of calls for 2010 stands at 191! That is 41 calls more than we answered at this point in2009.  We are averaging more than one call a day!  If we continue this pace we will answer over 100 more calls than we did in 2009. 
Please remember that we are doing our best to serve you, help us by donating to our 2010 Fund Drive that is in progress.  

Helmet FuneralThis morning, Lancaster County and Columbia Borough, lost a very dedicated man. Fire Police Captain John Murphy, Sr., of the Columbia Borough Fire Police Association passed away, in the company of family, after a brief illness. Captain Murphy invested many years in the Borough of Columbia, as well as the Columbia Fire Departments. John was a person who was always there when the pager went off, helping out wherever needed.

To the brother and sisters of Columbia, you are in the thoughts and prayers of the Members of Mountville fire Company No. 1, and to the Murphy family, this is a true loss and we are all keeping your family close in this time of despair.

Godspeed Captain John Murphy, Sr.

Memorial Day 2010 starts on a solemn note as we remembered those who currently serve and those who lost their lives for our Freedom.  

As the day progressed, the heat and humidity rose to around 90 degrees and 85% humidity.  Shortly after 1530 hours, the showers started, but only lasted a short time.  Crews from Company 715 and Company 84 (Susquehanna) all joined at our quarters to enjoy some good food and fellowship. About the time "A" Chief Evans had the burgers cooking, the rain started and seemed like it was never going to end...this started the "madness".

At approximately 1745, Company 715 had the first of 4 incidents for the evening pending on the CAD, Alarm Bells in the 200 block of Hampden Dr. Less then 30 seconds later LCWC put out the 1st alarm assignment for the Apartment Building fire in the 100 block of Pine Bridge Lane Camera in Company 68\'s local.

Sunday afternoon Squad 7-15 was alerted to Wrightsville Boro, York County to assist with a 2nd alarm dwelling fire on Cherry Street.  Squad 7-15 made the response with a staffing of 4 and a crew in station for additional calls.  The squad arrived and sent manpower to staging and the driver to set-up air operations.  The crew from Squad 7-15 quickly went to work opening up the siding and soffit on side “C”.  7-15 operated on scene for approx 1 ½ hours.

  • Driver- A/C Dicely
  • Officer- Capt. Kalbach
  • Line- FF Brady
  • Force- FF Duquin
Wrightsville 2A Dwelling Side "A" FF Brady Working Side "C"

Mountville Days Logo 2010
Please come out and join us for our annual Mountville Days\' Carnival.  The proceeds for this annual event benefit the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 and the Mountville Youth Athletic Association.

Jay Jacunski - 23 JuniorSeveral weeks ago the members of East Petersburg Fire were notified that Junior Firefighter Jay Jacunksi was diagnosed with Leukemia and was in Hershey Medical Center starting a six month treatment program. With Jay missing his fire service family, his parents and the EPFC are requesting that everybody keep him and his family in their prayers as well as cards that will help him to remain upbeat as he travels down the road to recovery. Cards can be sent to the East Petersburg Fire Co. at 6076 Pine Street, East Petersburg, PA 17520 and the members will deliver them to him.
Any questions can be e-mailed to Chief Jamie Rohrer at [email protected]

The Members of Mountville Fire Company No. 1 wish Jay a speedy recovery.

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, the 26th Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet for the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 was held at Loxley\'s Restaurant, 500 Centerville Road.  There were over 60 members and guests in attendance for the evening of celebration and relaxation.  William Hall of FDMJ (LCCTC instructor, PA State Fire Instructor and a Certification Evaluator) served as our Master of Ceremonies and Guest Speaker.  There were many awards presented throughout the night from serious to light hearted.

The "Mountville Fire Company - 2009 In Review" is a short video created by FF Robert Hess capturing 2009 in pictures and video. This was played at our 26th Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet.

{player w:400 h:240}http://www.mountvillefire.com/images/video/MFC_Banquet_09.flv{/player}

USFA HeaderThe United States Fire Administration (USFA) announces the theme for the 2010 Arson Awareness Week (AAW): Community Arson Prevention. USFA and its partners will use the week of May 2nd to the 8th to focus public attention on the value of community arson prevention and the resources and support available to reduce this crime.

The goal for this year\'s AAW is to focus attention on the horrific crime of arson and provide communities with tools and strategies to combat arson in their neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and places of worship. The USFA is partnering with the International Association of Arson Investigators, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, USAonWatch, National Association of State Fire Marshals, National Volunteer Fire Council, and the Insurance Committee for Arson Control.

"A strong neighborhood is the backbone of our cities and towns," said Kelvin J. Cochran, United States Fire Administrator. "A community arson prevention program can generate a spirit of teamwork bringing law enforcement, the fire service, and the people together to combat the crime of arson."

According to the USFA\'s NFIRS data and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an estimated average of 316,600 intentional fires are reported to fire departments in the United States each year, causing injuries to 7,825 firefighters and civilians. In 2006, ten firefighters died as a result of arson. In addition to needless injury and death, an estimated $1.1 billion in direct property loss occurs annually.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation\'s (FBI) 2008 Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics showed that 14,011 law enforcement agencies reported 62,807 arsons. Arsons involving structures (e.g., residential, storage, public, etc.) accounted for 43.4 percent of the total number of arson offenses. Mobile property (e.g., cars, motorcycles, etc.) was involved in 28.9 percent of arsons, and other types of property (such as crops, timber, fences, etc.) accounted for 27.7 percent of reported arsons.

The average dollar loss for all types of arson was $16,015. Average arson damages for structures were $32,364 and $7,890 for motor vehicles. Arsons of industrial and manufacturing structures resulted in the highest average dollar losses - an average of $212,388 per arson.

Arson robs communities of its valuable assets - lives and property. Arson destroys more than buildings; it can devastate a community resulting in the decline of the neighborhood through increased insurance premiums, loss of business revenue, and a decrease in property values.

For more information, including a media kit for the 2010 Arson Awareness Week campaign, please visit the USFA\'s Web site at www.usfa.dhs.gov.

Reprinted from the USFA Website (www.usfa.dhs.gov/fireservice/subjects/arson/arson_awareness.shtm)

At approximately 1420 hours, E7151 was alerted for a reported trash fire to the rear of Rita\'s in the 3900 block of Columbia Ave.  E7151 responded with 3 under the direction of A/C Dicely.  Upon arrival, the trash was actually a 20\' x 10\' area of newly laid mulch. The crew pulled a trash line, turned the mulch and  soaked the area.  While suppression was in progress, the neighboring daycare made their way outside to watch "Mountville\'s Finest" in action.  After placing the incident under control and wrapping up the line, Chief Gantz and FF Saylor did some PR with the children while waiting for A/C Dicely to collect the info.  We showed 13 children and 4 adults the engine and walked them through the cab.  Upon completion of the PR, E7151 returned to service and the Company was placed available within approximately 30 minutes of being alerted.
Position Crew
E1 Chauffeur Chief Gantz
E1 OIC A/C Dicely
E1 Line FF Saylor

DucklingsAt approximately 1200, Company 715 was notified for a Public Service in front of 3975 Columbia Ave in West Hempfield Twp for ducks in a storm drain, called out by WHTPD.  E7152 responded with 3 personnel, LT715 in the seat.  E7152 arrived and met with PD, reported 11 ducklings stuck in the storm drain.  Crews removed grating from 2 drains, and were in the process of attempting to move the ducks from the pipe to the opening, when LCWC advised of a 2nd call in the district.   Vehicle Fire 1At 1252, LCWC advised E7152 of a reported vehicle fire in front of 4098 Columbia Ave. The crew picked up from the Public Service and redirected to the Fire. LCWC reported multiple calls of a working fire.  E7152 arrived to find a vehicle along the side of the road, working engine compartment fire with extension into the passenger compartment.  A/C Dicely and FF Fenstemaker made the initial knock on the fire, while LT Weitzel grabbed irons and began forcing the hood.  Fire out, company 715 available at 1329.

***All Members - Company Photo - Sunday, April 11, 2010 at station - Class A Uniform - Questions contact FF Duquin ***

Marathon Oil Company LogoAt approximately 0800 this morning, Chief Gantz and Firefighter Saylor met at Patriot Towing, which has been the temporary home for E7151 (Ret) since going out of active service in December of 2009, to get some final photos and remove the last few fittings to make it ready for transport. E7151 was removed from service with a mere 29,905 miles in 21 years.

The 1988 Pierce Lance was purchased by Marathon Oil in Garysville, LA, and transported by Ferrara Fire Apparatus. The Marathon Oil Refinery in Garysville, LA is the #4 refinery in the nation as far as oil production, reaching almost 500,000 barrels per day by the end of 2010. E7151 (Ret) was purchased as an additional piece of apparatus that will be utilized for class A fires on the grounds, seeing as how most of their fleet is setup for dedicated foam 100% of the time.

We hope Marathon Oil will see many more years of the same dependable service we saw while it was here. Below is a partial photo of the Garysville, LA refinery that it will be calling home. Click here to view all of the final photos.
Marathon Oil Refinery, Garysville, LA

On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, 7 members attended their annual Haz-Mat Technician Level Refresher. The members refreshing in 2010 were:
Chief Dean Gantz, Jr Asst. Chief Mike Dicely
Firefighter Bryan Duquin Firefighter Brian Saylor
Firefighter Randy Geissler Firefighter Brian Weitzel
Firefighter Joe Iacono

The Mountville Fire Company would like to thank Instructor Wes Bennett from Industrial Consultants for presenting our refresher course again this year. We would also like Keith Bloss and VersaCold for sponsoring the refresher course and of course for providing lunch.  We hope to see everyone in 2011 at our next annual refresher.

Members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1, Municipal Officials and Residents,
The year 2009 was a very positive one. The number of requests for assistance totaled 278. The company was in service 148 hours 57 minutes with 2,062 members responding. Total man-hours for these incidents were 1,445. The average turnout per incident remained steady at 8. 
During the year, there were only five incidents resulting in fire damage.  Unfortunately, four of these were vehicle fires. Over $200,000.00 was saved out of almost $228,000.00 endangered for an 87.7% save factor.  Mutual aid for air assists increased slightly to 16.
Total training hours for the year were 1343. NIMS training continued, including Deputy Chief Evans and I completing NIMS 400 certification. Public Education was a great success as well, with 91 hours invested by the members of the fire company. A total of 135 adults and 187 children were schooled in basic fire safety.
Last, but certainly not least, of the noteworthy events from the year, on December 23, 2009 our new Crimson Fire class A pumper was brought home. Five weeks later we put it available for service.
In closing I again want to thank the company members for all of their hard work and dedication that makes the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 the highly successful organization it is. Additionally I would like to thank everyone else who supports the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 in its mission to serve the public. Working together we can continue to be available for service when the need arises.

The second major winter storm of 2010, in less than a week, is currently upon us.  With the current weather conditions, a crew has decided to spend the day at the firehouse.  So far today, we have had 2 runs.  The current conditions are blizzard conditions with heavy snow, blowing and drifting.  The estimates so far are about 12" - 15" on top of the preexisting 18" - 24" from the storm this past weekend. Photos of the aftermath will be posted shortly after the storm ends.  Please stay indoors and off the roads.

After 5 weeks of work training, ordering equipment, mounting tools and equipment, Engine 7-15-1 has been placed in-service as a front-line supression piece once again.  Thank you to the many members giving up many hours of their personal time to prepare the engine for service.

On December 21, 2009, we placed our 22 year old Pierce Lance out-of-service, in preparation for the arrival of the 2009 Crimson Custom.  The goal was to have the new engine ready for service by the end of January, which seemed like a huge, daunting task at that point.  With the dedication of the members, we did it.  On January 30, 2010 at 1615 hours, the announcement was made by LCWC..."KGC755 to all stations...Engine 7-15-1 is back in service".  We have no true count of the number of personal hours dedicated to the tasks, but we are sure it is in the 100\'s.

New Engine Home StretchAs the article title reads "It Has Arrived...".  After almost 2 years of planning and 15 months of build time, the new Engine 7-15-1 is now home.  On December 23rd, Chief Gantz and Chauffeur Millhouse started the trek West toward Gettysburg to meet up with our sales rep and the Engine.  After a brief "meeting", Chauffeur Millhouse got behind the reigns and they started the drive home.  At approximately 1615 hours, it was heard rolling into the borough, and wheeling the corner for the home stretch.  The members of the Mountville Fire Company along with a few public on-lookers watched as it was backed into it new home for the first time.  Over the next few weeks, members will be mounting equipment, some of our senior drivers will be doing driver training and pump training, and all members will be getting familiar with the engine and the equipment layout.  If all goes well it will be placed in-service before we know it.
Check our Photo Gallery for the rest of the arrival photos and the latest progress toward placing it in-service. 

The 2010 Suppression Officers of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 were announced January 1.  The officers are as follows:
  • Fire Chief - Dean Gantz, Jr.
  • Deputy Chief - Robert Evans, III
  • Asst Chief - Michael Dicely
  • Captain - Andrew Kalbach
  • Lieutenant - Adam Weitzel
We wish the new officers the best of luck in their en devours during 2010.

At 1330 hours, Chief Gantz and Chauffer Millhouse are enroute to meet Dave Grace (Kaza Sale Rep) to pickup the new Engine and bring it home to the Borough!!

At 1330 hours, Chief Gantz and Chauffer Millhouse are enroute to meet Dave Grace (Kaza Sale Rep) to pickup the new Engine and bring it home to the Borough!!

After 21 years, the 1988 Pierce Lance engine, currently known as Engine 7-15-1, has been retired.  As of 1900 hours on December 21, 2009, the current Engine 7-15-1 has been placed Out-Of-Service with Lancaster County-Wide Communications, marking the end of it\'s 21 years of front-line service.  Members took time out of their regular Monday night drill to strip the equipment, tools and mounts.  Patriot Towing has gratiously allowed us to house the Lance in an open bay at their shop until we are able to find a buyer for it.  This generous action allows us to house the new engine in-house until it is placed in service.  The upcoming weeks will bring a great deal of equipment mounting, driver training and general familiarization with it.

A few notes to the end of service:
  • The last working fire was the Residential Structure Fire assignment assisting Company 76 on the 3400 block of Crystal Lane.
  • The last Chauffer to pump the 1988 Pierce on a working fire was Chauffer Brian Weitzel.
  • The final call for the engine was an Automatic Fire Alarm at 465 W. Main Street in the Borough.

New Engine CommitteeOn Sunday November 15th, the New Engine Committee left to fly out to the Crimson Plant in Brandon, SD for the Final Inspection of the new engine. The days for the Committee started around 8am at the inspection bay.  After spending a full day on Monday and most of the day Tuesday, most of the discrepancies between the build spec and the actual engine were noted, and addressed with our Contract Administrator, etc and the various Plant Foremen. There were no drop dead issues, so upon our departure from Brandon, we were satisfied that our issues will be corrected.  We as the committee would like to extend our thanks to Dave Grace (Sales Mgr, Kaza Fire Equip) and the folks at Crimson-Fire that have put their hospitality and best work forward in the construction of our engine.

Check out our updated Photo Gallery page to include Final Inspection photos beginning on Pg 3

Route 30 HeaderAt 1435 hours, Company 715 along with Company 76 (West Hempfield) and Tanker 719 (Hempfield) were dispatched for a reported Tractor Trailer on fire. E7151 checked up with 3 personnel and were advised by LCWC that they were receiving multiple calls of a working fire anywhere between Sylvan Retreat Rd and Stoney Battery Rd. WHTPD arrived and closed down Route 30, allowing responding units to go west in the eastbound lanes. E7151 confirmed the working fire 1/2 mile out and requested Company 67 (Rohrerstown) for manpower. E7151 arrived, confirming the location to be Route 30 E, just west of Hill St, and assumed the Command. E7151 OIC (FF A Weitzel) assumed Operations, while FF Stauffer pulled a 1-3/4" line and advanced to the fire. E7152, E671 and E762 arrived within minutes, pulling a 2nd attack line from E7151 and a 3rd line for back-up from E671. T76 arrived and supplied E7151.

Crimson WelsomeOn Monday, October 19, 2009, two members of the New Engine Committee, Dean Gantz, Jr. and Brian Weitzel, accompanied by Dave Grace, Sales Manager for Kaza Fire Equipment, performed a Mid-construction Inspection on the new engine at Crimson Fire located in Brandon, SD.  The trip went very well, and aside from a few items that needed attention, the engine is progressing nicely.  The final inspection is scheduled for November 15 thru November 18, 2009. After what was seen on this trip, the excitement is building to see the completed unit.  A big thank you for the hospitality extended to us from Dave Grace and everyone at Crimson Fire.

Check the updated pictures in our  PhotoGallery and check out the progress on the Crimson-Fire website.

Kalbach / Grier Wedding SignSaturday, September 26, 2009, Mountville Fire Company President and Lt. Andrew "Bun Bun" Kalbach and Megan Grier (Company Assistant Secretary) were united in Marriage.
The ceremony was held outside despite light rain, in Marietta. A reception followed the ceremony for family and friends including fellow fire company members at Overlook Golf Course.
The Wedding party was transported via Mountville Fire Company Squad 7-15 and Engine 7-15-2. Chief Dean (DJ) Gantz Jr. chauffeured Squad 7-15 while Deputy Chief Robert Evans III drove Engine 7-15-2.
A big thank you goes out to the crew from Company 6-2 (Highville Fire Company) for providing coverage in our first due area with Engine 6-2-1 while we celebrated this event with the happy couple.
After a wedding trip to the Riviera Maya, Mexico the couple will reside in Mountville.
Congratulations Andy and Meg!

Chassis FrontOn September 14, 2009 we received notification and a few photos that the Gladiator chassis had completed it\'s journey from the Spartan Plant in Charlotte, MI to the Crimson Plant in Brandon, SD.  From this point, they are projecting our mid-point Inspection to be approximately October 15, with the Final inspection to take place approximately 4 weeks later (Nov. 12).

We will be posting updates as we get them, and any photos will be added to the  photo gallery.  As always you can check progress on the Crimson-Fire website

At 0259 hours, Engine 7151 was alerted for the Engine Company Transfer to Station 84 (Susquehanna).  Within minutes of dispatch, E7151 was redirected to the scene, in the 1100 block of Lancaster Ave, to assist at the working structure fire.  E7151 responded with 58 personnel under the direction of D/C 715 (Evans). E7151 crew assisted crews on the scene, then reported to manpower staging.  At approximately 0330 hours, Squad 715 was requested non-emergency to the scene for the Air.  Upon arrival, Squad/Air 715 filled 6 SCBA cylinders and filled the cascade on R841.  All 715 units cleared the scene in about 3 hours.

The Mountville Fire Company would like to extend is thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the resident, and to the Companies involved at the scene.

8 Years later, we, America, are still grieving the loss of THOUSANDS of people who gave their life on 9/11/01. The phrase "WE WILL NEVER FORGET" was used a lot today at the Fifth Annual Remembrance Ceremony located at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center. Mountville was able to send a crew of 4 members to the event. There were a lot of people that came out to not only remember the people that lost their lives on September 11th, but to also remember the men and women who lost their lives throughout Lancaster County dating back to 1870 in the County Records. There were several politicians at this event to help remember these people including, but not limited to, Commissioner Martin as well as Commissioner Lehman. Director Craig Elmer Started the Event.  Mr. Elmer is the Director of the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, and took several weeks to plan this marvelous event. The main Speaker for this event was Greg Noll. Greg is a member of the South Central PA Task Force. The Members of the Mountville Fire Company remember these brave men and women and THANK YOU for the ultimate sacrifice. The members of the Mountville Fire Company would like to encourage EVERYONE to stop out at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center and take a look at the new monument which is located in front of 101 Champ BLVD Manheim PA 17545.

Ritas\' 25 YearsThe Mountville Volunteers received an invitation from a local establishment to team up for a fundraising opportunity. We were contacted by Ritas\' and asked if we would like to team up and raise some funds. On August 19, 2009 from 6 - 8 pm the Mountville Volunteers will be at the Ritas\' at 3929 Columbia Ave (next to Chapman Ford) with our apparatus. Ritas\' will donate 20% of the sales for those 2 hours to the Fire Company. Please come out and enjoy some "Ice-Custard-Happiness" and benefit us at the same time. We hope to see you there.

Squad 2The members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to extend our thanks to Manor Township for their recent generous donation. The Township has donated a 2006 Chevy Impala to the fire company. This vehicle was a recently decomissioned cruiser from the Manor Township Police Department. The Impala will be placed in service as Squad 7-15-2, and will serve multiple functions, including:
  • providing transportation for members to training sessions and meeting
  • utilized to run company errands
  • transporting additional personnel to the scene of incidents
Although it may not look like much, it will provide an invaluable service to the members of the company. Thank you again to Manor Township.

 The Annual July 4th Fireworks display will be held this evening at Froelich Park (Mountville Pool), at dusk. ***Members: If you are available to help, please sign-up on the whiteboard if you have not already done so.***

After almost 4 weeks, Squad 7-15 is back in service. The breathing air compressor needed major mechanical attention, so the Squad traveled to Airpower International Inc., in Pennsauken N. J. Yesterday, Deputy Chief Evans traveled down there to retrieve it. If anyone is in need of an air dump, submit a form, we are now back in service.  
Squad Leaving APIAirpower International

The members of the Mountville Fire Company would like everyone to keep the Garmin family, of Lititz Pennsylvania, in your thoughts and prayers. Today at approximatley 1815 hours, Hannah G. Garmin passed away into a new life. Hannah was a 5 year old girl who was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor, in her cerebellum in October of 2008. At Christmas time, members of the Mountville Fire Company, along with THOUSANDS of other people, gave Hannah Christmas Cards, because that is all she wanted for her last Christmas. Hannah has been on a rapid decline since January, and today her Savior called for her. Please Keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, as this is a VERY hard time for them. For more information on Hannah and her life, as well her after life services, please check out her website at  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/hannahgarman.

The Mountville Memorial Day Parade will be held on Saturday May 30, 2009 beginning at 1830. ***Members: Please sign-up on the white board if you will be attending.*** 

US Flag1US Flag 2As we go about our activities today, please pause and take a moment to remember those who fought and gave their lives for OUR freedom. Also keep in mind those who are currently serving.  God Speed.

Vehicle Fire 1At approximately 1200, the "Day Shift" of Company 715 was dispatched to the intersection of Indian Head Rd & Prospect Rd to assist Company 76 on a vehicle fire. E7152, with a crew of 5, responded and arrived to find a Chevy Trailblazer in the intersection, fully involved. E7152 took the 76 command while the crew of FF Weitzel and FF Saylor took the 1st line off and began suppression.  FF Duquin took the scene as Operations.  FF Montonya assisted the chauffer with securing a water supply once E762 arrived.  The crew of E762 pulled a 2nd line off E7152 once they arrived, and assisted the 715 suppression crew.  E762 assisted with water supply if needed.  Both crews made a quick and efficient knock on the fire, placing the incident under control within 7 minutes of the arrival of the first engine.  Crews cleaned up, repacked lines and returned to service.  Total incident time was less than 1 hour.

Photos courtesy of Officer Bryan Keyser

Members: Help is needed setting up the stands on 5/11 (Monday), meet at Froelich Park between 1630 and 1700.  Help is also need during the Carnival, please see the sign-up sheets on the white board. 

Squad Cylinder LiftThis weekend, Squad 7-15 reach a milestone that seems unbelievable. It has been in-service for almost five years. The reason we are sure of this, is the fact that the cascade system reached its first hydrostatic test date. This is a test that must be done every five years. To accomplish this we needed to remove the six cylinder cascade system from the squad and deliver it to a testing facility. We want to thank Crimson Fire Aerial for allowing us to use their facility to complete this task safely and efficiently. We started on Thursday evening and it was completed, back in service Saturday afternoon. Click the photo to go to the gallery.

Banquet 2008Saturday, April 4, 2009 Mountville Fire Company held its 25th annual awards banquet.  This year’s banquet was held at "A Taste of Style" in Columbia.  As usual, the company and guests were treated to a great meal, awards, a speaker, and time for dancing and fellowship during the night off.  This year’s award winners were as follows:
  • Rookie of the Year-Paul Cook
  • Member of the Year-Joe Iacono
  • Firefighters of the Year-DJ Gantz and Mike Dicely
  • Member over the Years-Ron Wachob
Thank you to the banquet committee for another great banquet.  A special thank you to Highville Fire Company for the standby for the evening and George’s Pizza Castle for feeding the standby crew. 

Industrial Consultants LogoCongratulations to the 7 members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 that either obtained or recertified their Hazardous Materials Technician certification. The new class was held at the Manchester Fire Co in York County, and the refresher class was held at the Mountville Fire Company.  The classes were taught by Industrial Consultants Inc.  The member that obtained the HMT level for the first time was FF Bryan Duquin.  The following members recertified again this year: Chief Dean Gantz, Jr, Captain Mike Dicely, FF Brian Saylor, FF Brian Weitzel, FF Joe Iacono and FF Randy Geissler.  Congratulations to those members.  A special thank you go out to Keith Bloss and VersaCold (formerly Atlas) for sponsoring the course again this year and providing lunch.

Just a reminder, the 25th Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet is on Saturday, April 4 at "A Taste of Style" in Columbia.  We hope to see you all there. 

 The Truck Company Operations II class is confirmed with Chief Hess of Fire Department Mount Joy and LCPSTC for Saturday, July 11, 2009.  The classes prior to July 11, have yet to be determined.  It will be two evenings prior to the Saturday, and will be held at West Hempfield Fire Rescue and/or LCPSTC.  Prerequisite is Truck Company Operations I.  The cutoff date is TBD.

Please contact Lieutenant Kalbach or Captain Dicely ASAP if interested.

West Hempfield Fire & Rescue will be hosting "Traditions Training - RIT Training".  The dates will be Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9, 2009 from 1900 - 2200 both evenings, held at WHFR\'s station. The Saturday class will be October 10, 2009 at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center and run from 0800 until the completion of all course goals are accomplished.

Please contact Lieutenant Kalbach or Captain Dicely, no later than Sunday March 29, 2009 if you are interested. 

To those members with their HazMat Technician Certification:

The annual HazMat Technician Refresher with Industrial Consultants will be on March 31, 2008 from 0800 - 1600 at Station.  If you wish to refresh, plan on attending. 

Just a reminder to all members, the 25th Annual Awards and Recognition Banquet is rapidly approaching. The date is April 4, 2009 at "A Taste of Style" in Columbia. 

Wrightsville 1Sunday morning started with an Air run to assist York County Station 41 (Wrightsville) on a working dwelling assignment. The squad was on scene for under an hour. The station kept an engine crew in quarters during the call. Check out a few photos here.

Saturday night engine 7-15-1 stood by for Highville Fire Company’s annual banquet.  The members sat down to dinner, watched a movie, and later decided to put the time to good use – TRAINING.  The members trained for 1.5 hours on ladder selection, ladder throws, leg locks, and parts of the ladder.  Mountville stood by for over 5 hours with no calls for service.  Mountville also had members in attendance to Susquehanna Fire Co and Highville Fire Co’s annual banquets.  During the evening the remaining members stood by for our district. 

The members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to say "Get Well Soon" to Junior Firefighter Chris Cook.  Recently Chris removed himself from active service due medical issues.  We hope to see him back on active status soon.  We all hope for a quick return to health and the ability to return to service.

3 members from Mountville Fire Co finished a 16 hour Managing Company Tactical Procedures – Preparation (MCTO-P) class at Neffsville Fire Company.  The class was taught by instructor Rick Kane from Manheim Township Fire and Rescue.  Students are prepared as company officers by developing the skills for successfully and safely managing company tactical operations. This course is intended to provide a new officer with skills necessary to participate in the management of company tactical operations, and the additional courses dealing with tactical operations.
Members attending class were:
-FF Brian Saylor, FF Bryan Duquin and Lt. Andy Kalbach 

RHessThe Members of the Mountville Fire Company would like to congratulate Firefighter Bobby Hess on being the member in the “Spot Light” for the month of February.
Bobby joined the Fire Department in 2007 as a Junior Member.  Bobby has since worked very hard at moving up through the ranks at the department.  Bobby is also striving to gain more knowledge in the fire service and is always taking classes.  He is currently enrolled in the “Delmar Essentials Program” at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center.
Bobby’s current rank in the department is Senior Firefighter and he is Engine 7-15-2’s Portable Equipment Officer.

6 Members of the Mountville Fire Company just recently completed a 16 hour course called “Introduction to the Fire Service”.  These members are all working on completing the 188 hour course called “Delmar Essentials to Firefighting”.  These members will be working very hard over the next few months, learning various skills such as Knots, Repelling, Radio Communications, and various firefighting techniques including vehicle fires and flammable liquids.  They will then be completing the course with a PA State Fire Academy approved live burn session at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center.  The members that are working through this process are:
  • James Montonya
  • Bobby Hess
  • Jim Stauffer
  • Paul Cook
  • Chris Cook
  • Thomas Moser
CONGRATULATIONS guys and keep up the good work! Once again, Mountville Volunteers continue to strive to provide the best coverage to its residences through education and training.  

January 2009 ends with a total of 32 runs for the Mountville Volunteers.  The Department handled calls such as Motor Vehicle Accidents, Reported House Fires, Investigations, Automatic Fire Alarms and other various alarms.  Looking back over the past few years, 2009 is starting out as the busiest it has been.  The January totals for the past few years are as follows:
  • 2005 - 21 Runs
  • 2006 - 24 Runs
  • 2007 - 18 Runs
  • 2008 - 30 Runs
  • 2009 - 32 Runs 

At 2213, station 7-15 was alerted to a crash with entrapment at Locust Grove Road and Prospect Road.  The Engine was en route in 3 minutes, followed up by the Squad and Duty bringing additional crews.  E 7-15-2 arrived behind R 8-4-1 and went to work, assisting with cribbing and cutting the windshield for patient removal.  Crews had the patient in the care of EMS in 11 minutes.  Both stations finished controlling hazards and returned.

Have you ever wondered what you can do fro your community?  Have you ever seen a firetruck pass by and thought to your self "Someday I want to do that"?  Well, then here is your chance...the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 is looking for you.  The Mountville Fire Company is looking for Volunteers for the following fields:
  • Junior Firefighters - Ages 14 - 18
  • Senior Firefighters - Age 18 and older
  • Fire Police - Age 18 and older
Is firefighting not our thing?  We are also looking for Social Members for the department.  Social members, among other things, can help with the setup of fundraisers and other activities for the department.  If any of these interest you then please fill out an Application Request, then stop by the firehouse some Monday evening between 7pm and 9pm for a tour of the station and to meet the team that provides quality fire protection for the Borough of Mountville and surrounding areas.

The New Engine Committee is meeting with the Crimson-Fire Representative on Sunday morning for a "layout" meeting.  Hopefully after the meeting, we will be able to release more detailed info about the piece. The process has been a little slow lately, due to logistics beyond our control. After this weekend, we are looking to get back on track.

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A few minutes after 11 Friday night, Manheim and other first alarm units were dispatched to S. Charlotte Street for a dwelling fire.

Shortly after 2300, Station 26 (Manheim) and other first due units were dispatched to S. Charlotte St for a Dwelling fire. PD was already on the scene with heavy smoke in the area, and the assignment was quickly upgraded to a second alarm. Squad 715 was later called for the air assist. The Squad was on the scene for just over 2 1/2 hours and filled nearly 50 cylinders. Check the photos here.

As 2008 rapidly draws to a close, we would like to look back upon the year and think about what has taken place. The Mountville Fire Company would like to remind everyone that even though we are beginning a new year, please remember to be safe through the up-coming holiday, and remember these few items as you celebrate the New Year:
  • Choose a "Designated Driver", please do not drive drunk.
  • Buckle up...It\'s the law.
  • Stay Safe

As 2008 comes to an end, two members sucessfully obtained one more certification level each. FF Bryan Duquin attained "Fire Service Instructor II", and Chief Dean Gantz, Jr attained "Fire Company Officer II". Congratulations to all members who worked at broadening their knowledge and skills this year to better serve the residents of the Mountville Fire Company\'s first due coverage area. Keep up the good work.

Cold Weather PSAThis is a Cold Weather Public Safety Message from the Mountville Fire Comapny No. 1. With the recent snap of bitterly cold weather, the sales of the 12V heated blankets has risen dramatically. These blankets are plugged into the lighter recepticle in your vehicle and can be used while driving. As a reminder, when these items are not actively being used, please remember to unplug them. The photo with this message is just one example of what can happen when these are left plugged in and unattended.

The day began with the "Over Night" crews being put out for the EMS assist for forcible entry at 0155. Entry was made and the crew cleared in about 10 minutes. The next run came in at approximately 1100, which began the runs for the "Day Shift". The initial run was to assist 67 (Rohrerstown) with a Dwelling assignment in the 3000 block of Marietta Ave. The Engine staged in the Giant parking lot and was released a few minutes later. About an hour later, the next run was put out on Dogwood Ln for an odor investigation in a residence. The Engine company arrived, investigated and traced it back to the furnace.

The Officers and Members of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to extend our thanks to Troy Neville for conducting anither sucessfull delivery of the Risk Management and Extreme Fire Behavior Class. We received the classes in 2 sessions, and walked away with some new information and our eyes open to some of the often found, but sometimes unthought of, risks associated with the job we do everyday. Thank you again for creating and delivering the course, and you are welcome back to Mountville anytime.

Basket Bingo - November 14, 2009 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($17 preordered, $20 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

Basket Bingo - September 19, 2009 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($17 preordered, $20 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

Basket Bingo - May 2, 2009 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($17 preordered, $20 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

Basket Bingo - March 7, 2009 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($17 preordered, $20 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

Basket Bingo - January 10, 2009 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($17 preordered, $20 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

At 1413 hours, E7151 was dispatched to the 1200 Block of Kinderhook Road in Rapho Twp to assist FDMJ on a working residential structure fire. The Engine rolled out with a staffing of 6, under the direction of D/C Evans. Upon arrival, the crew "beached" the engine out of the way, and sent manpower to staging to the rear of L67. After a few minutes, the crew was tasked with opening the exterior wall on side Bravo. The crew rotated through cutting and pulling the wall surrounding the windows on floor 2. Crews were rotated frequently due to the amount of overhaul needed. E7151 crew was relieved by L74, and proceeded to rehab. After the stent in rehab, the crew was tasked with breaking down the supply line. Hose was broken down and rolled. Upon completion, the crew was released by command. E7151 picked up and returned. E7151 worked the scene for approximately 3 hours.

Crimson-Fire Logo MiniIt is official, the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 has signed the contract with Crimson-Fire for a 2008 Crimson Custom Pumper.  Chief Gantz, acting as the representative of the New Engine Committee and the Mountville Fire Company No. 1, signed the contract with Jim Holland this evening.  The estimated delivery is approximately 11 months, at a cost of just over $484,000.  Please watch our site for updates in the upcoming weeks, for spec\'s and progress updates.

Basket Bingo - November 15, 2008 - At the Mountville Elementary School - Doors open at 5:30pm, bingo start at 7pm. Tickets available ($15 preordered, $18 at the door) contact Joe Iacono at 717-285-4823 for tickets and info. ***Members: Help is still needed, sign -up on the board.***

St.Pauls 3yo classWe recently received the photos taken from our St. Paul\'s Preschool events, please visit our Photo Gallery to check them out. Thanks to Mrs. Rhine and Mrs. Greathouse for the photos. Please read the book they created for us this year...St. Paul\'s Fire Prevention 2008. (Right-click, "Save As" to download the video or click to view in your default media player; The video was created using Photo Story 3 and the PDF they created)

Congratulations to the following members for obtaining their Fire Service Instructor Certifications:
  • FF Bryan Duquin, Jr - Fire Service Instructor I
  • FF Joseph Iacono - Fire Service Instructor I & II
  • LT Andy Kalbach - Fire Service Instructor I & II
  • Chief Dean Gantz, Jr. - Fire Service Instructor II

Wednesday October 15th turned into a busy morning for the "Day Shift" volunteers, starting bright and early at 0522 with an assist call for an Auto Alarm on Corporate Blvd, units investigated and quickly cleared the incident. At 0638, the Dwelling assignment was put out for a possible residential structure fire on Huntington Drive, units arrived with nothing showing from the "Alpha" side of a middle of the row townhouse. The first in crew lead by A/C Foltz, determined the smoke condition in the basement to be from a faulty light ballast, with the assistance of L67 (Rohrerstown), the smoke was evacuated from the basement and units cleared the scene in approximately 30 minutes.

While enroute back to quarters, E7151 and R76 (West Hempfield) were alerted by LCWC via radio of a Class 1 crash on Hempland Road.

Ed Meth 2On October 12, 2008 four members finished a journey begun on August 23, 2008. First was the completion of a 48 hour Ed Meth class followed by a 16 hour weekend of certification testing for Fire Service Instructor I & II. This was just the classroom time for these events. Over the seven week period many, many hours were spent on homework and completing skill stations including a complete 30 minute lesson plan that was presented during the test weekend. Members that completed this were FF Bryan Duquin, FF Joe Iacono, Lt. Andy Kalbach and Chief Dean Gantz, Jr. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks all will be notified of success in obtaining FSI 1 &2. See some photos from the class in our Training Photo Gallery.

As Fire Prevention Week 2008 draws to a close, we can look back upon the theme this year of "Prevent Home Fires", and say that we have had another sucessful Fire Prevention Week. The members of Company 715 held a few different Fire Prevention events for the community is our local. The St. Paul\'s Preschool held two events for their 3 and 4 year old classes this week, along with the Manor BIC holding their annual event. Overall it was a good experience for all involved, and we look forward to providing the demo\'s next year. Photos from the events are coming soon!

Clay Sy. MVASeptember 15 started early with a medical assist to Hershey Mill Home. The engine was requested to assist the ambulance crew with lifting. The day crew ran two fire alarms in the mid afternoon assisting 6-7 and 6-8. At 17:18, 7-15 was alerted with R7-6 and 7-7 units for a class 1 crash. Deputy Chief (Evans) was in the area at dispatch, arrived and confirmed a pickup vs. a motorcycle, with the rider on the ground. 7-15 assisted with patient care and controlled hazards. On the way to training at LCPSTC, 7-15 was hit a final time for spill control. Squad 7-15 handled the fuel spill on Caraway Drive. Crew completed 2

Nissley Rd Dwelling 1On Saturday September 13, 2008 at 04:54 Hrs 7-15 was dispatched to assist 7-19 on a dwelling fire. Additional information was vehicle on fire in front of the garage. EHT PD arrived and confirmed a working vehicle fire with extension to the garage which was attached to the house. Engine 7-15-1 went enroute at 04:59 Hrs. with a crew of six. Upon arrival the crew was directed to assist with fire suppression and the engine was to complete the feeder line for Engine 6-7-1. The crew assisted Engine 7-6-2

"Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. The victims were in airplanes, or in their offices; secretaries, businessmen and women, military and federal workers; moms and dads, friends and neighbors... None of us will ever forget this day. Yet, we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world. "
-President George W. Bush: September 11, 2001

At the September Business meeting, the membership of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 approved the purchase of a new engine to replace the now 20 year old Engine 7-15-1 (1988 Pierce Lance). The New Engine Committee has worked for the better part of 2008 researching the options available, visiting different firehouses looking at what is on the street, writing preliminary specs and determining what the needs of the department would be in the long term future.

The new engine committee solicited bids from select manufacturers, including Crimson-Fire, Seagraves and Pierce, during the month of June and had bids back the beginning of August. The remainder of August, the committee reviewed the bids and associated specs, making modifications and corrections as needed with the actively bidding manufacturers. The recommendation was made to the general membership during the September business meeting, and was approved to continue with the process to procure the replacement engine.

The Company approved to purchase the new engine from Crimson-Fire. As the details become available, they will be updated on our website, please keep watching in the coming months for additional information.

Bev Wachob Memory SignOn Wednesday September 3, 2008 Beverly J. Wachob passed away. The fire company expresses its deepest sympathy to her husband Ronald E. Wachob a long time active member of the fire company. She was a dedicated and very active member of the fire company and the ladies auxiliary helping with many fundraisers over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ron in this time of sorrow.

Engine Company Ops Class
On August 2, 2008, firefighters from Mountville (7-15), West Hempfield Fire and Rescue (7-6) and Rohrerstown (6-7) completed their practical for engine company operations.  The 16 hour class was taught by PA State Fire Instructor Bruce Henry.  The class was split into 8 hours of class room and 8 hours of practical.  On Saturday, the class participated in multiple

Engine Company OpsOn August 2, 2008, firefighters from Mountville, West Hempfield (76) and Rohrerstown (67) completed their practical for Engine Company Operations. The 16 hour class was taught by PA State Fire Instructor Bruce Henry. The class was split into 8 hours of class room and 8 hours of practical. On Saturday, the class participated in multiple "run-in" scenarios at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center (LCPSTC) to work on hose line deployment and management, exposure control, standpipe connections and other engine Company work. Thank you to Bruce Henry and Jerry Brey. Click the photo to view more images.

Basket Bingo - September 20, 2008 - Doors open at 5pm, Bingo starts at 7pm - Tickets or Info call Joe at (717)285-4823. *** Members: Help is still needed, sign-up on the board.***

Night OutTuesday August 5, 2008 was Manor Township\'s National Night Out, The event was held at the Manor Middle School again this year. Public Safety agencies included fire companies from Highville, Washington Boro, Millersville, Lancaster Township and Mountville, Police Departments from Manor Township and the K-9 from Bern Township (outside of Reading), and EMS from LEMSA and Stat Medevac (AeroMedical based at the Lancaster Airport). This event gave the public a chance to come out and see what the different public safety agencies have to offer, and watch the helicopter land. This turned out to be another successful "Night Out".

Foam Training In-houseMonday Night\'s In-house training was Foam. We introduced the newer members of the department to the concepts, operations and equipment for foam. Instead of utilizing the actual foam concentrate we carry on the Engine, we decided to create our own with carwash soap. Overall it went well, we learned that the equipment still functions as it should, even though it hasn\'t been used in a very long time, and we also learned that "more soap = more bubbles".

Salvation Army Kids DayOn Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 the Salvation Army put on a kids day event held at Leisure Lanes on Columbia Ave in Manor Township. The Lancaster County Fire Safety Trailer was invited along with the members of Mountville Fire Company. During the hours of 10:00 to 14:00 Fire Fighters Lara Fenstemaker, Brian Duquin, Deputy Chief Robert Evans III, Junior\'s Bobby Hess and Chris Cook spoke to children of all ages (mostly elementary school age) and several of their adult councilors of the importance of fire safety in the home and the best ways to escape if a fire does occur. We were very pleased to hear most of our young visitors answering our questions correctly and all were excited to show us that they knew about how to escape the smoke. I must say every one did well and we hope to see them again next year!!! Click the Image to go to the Photo Gallery.

This past weekend started out early for the Mountville volunteers. Crews were alerted for the first run at 0525, to the 200 block of Centerville Rd for a reported dumpster fire. E7151 responded with a staffing of 5 personnel. Crews arrived on the scene with a full involved dumpster next to an out building, and corrected the location to the 200 block of S. Centerville Rd, making it a 68 (West Lancaster) assignment. E7151 setup water supply and assisted with overhaul. At approximately 0545, E7151 and L24 (Eden) were released from the first incident and rerouted to the 3100 block of Industry Dr. to cover 67 (Rohrerstown) with another reported dumpster fire. Crews arrived and reported another dumpster well off, possible extension into a tractor trailer. Crews extinguished the fire, overhauled and returned. Crews operated on the scene for approximately 30 minutes. The rest of the runs consisted of an Investigation on Laurel Run, 2 AFA\'s to QVC and an AFA at 789 Chestnut Hill Dr. That made for 6 runs in less than a 24 hour period, busy day once again.


At the regular monthly business meeting, on June 9, 2008, the membership of the Mountville Fire Company No. 1 authorized the New Engine Committee to solicit bids for a new pumper to replace our 1988 Pierce Lance. On Wednesday July 2, 2008 a Prebid meeting was held at the station for the invited bidders. Represented at the meeting was Pierce Manufacturing by Glick Fire Equipment Co. Inc, Crimson Fire by Kaza Fire Equipment Co., and Seagrave Fire Apparatus by Emergency Products, Inc. Bids are due on Friday August 1, 2008 by 5 PM. After the bids are submitted, the New Engine Committee will evaluate them and make a recommendation to the company members possibly at the September monthly meeting.

As of now, West Hempfield Township has committed $200,000 over the next 3 years toward this capitol project. Additionally, Mountville Borough has committed $4,000 in 2008.

Shaefer Pyrotechnics LogoThe annual Mountville Borough Fireworks display was a sucess again this year. The display was setup and fired by Schaeffer Pyrotechnics. The Mountville Fire Comapny would like to thank the Rohrerstown Fire Co, West Hempfield Fire & Rescue and the Highville Fire Co for their assistance in fire protection for the display, and also the Fire Police from the Hempfield Fire Dept and the Lancaster Township Fire Dept. Without the assistance of mutual aid fire and firepolice, this event might not be possible.
Check out our photo gallery for some photos and short video clips from the display.

Uncle SamThe Fourth of July is a celebration that Americans all over the United States enjoy. However, it can also be very dangerous. Thousands of fireworks victims keep hospitals busy every year on the Fourth of July. More than half of those injured are children. Fireworks not only injure users, but 40 percent of fireworks mishaps also injure bystanders.

The PA Fireworks Laws and Regulations can be reviewed here on our website, PA Fireworks Laws and Regulations.

To help you celebrate this Fourth of July safely, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Council on Fireworks Safety offer the following safety tips for fireworks that you shoot off, public shows and information on safe fireworks to purchase.

S. Lemon Street Structure FireAt approximately 1500 hours, the volunteers from company 715, along with mutual aid, were dispatched to the rear of 164 E. Main St. for a reported structure fire. D/C715 (Evans) arrived on the scene and confirmed a working structure fire, assumed the Command and updated the address to 130 S. Lemon St.  E7151 was first in and took a place on the A/D corner and secured their own water. E7152 was second in and sent their crew to assist the first in crew with supression. L67 (Rohrerstown) threw ladders and completed a primary search of the structure.  R841 assumed the RIT.  PSP Fire Marshall was requested to investigate. The incident was placed under control within 40 minutes, and completed in just 3 hours.  All apparatus picked un and returned, no injuries to personnel.  Nice work to all involved.

Mountville Crime WatchSometime in the past day or so, the Fuel Pumps at the Mountville Borough Maintenance Building were vandalised. If anyone has any information regarding the incident, you are urged to contact the Mountville Borough Office at 717-285-5547 or the Manor Township Police Department at 717-299-5231 or 1-800-957-2677.

Vehicle FIre Training @ LCPSTCThe in-house training for the evening was the vehicle fire simulator at the Training Center. The evening was spent not only putting out fire, but training a few of our "rookie" firefighters in the "art" of fighting a vehicle fire. Captain Dicely took the lead with the newest "rookie" in the department, JrFF Cook, while A/C Foltz took the more seasoned "rookie", JrFF Hess. The teams worked multiple evolutions, experiencing everything from a small fire in the trunk or engine compartment, to a fully involved vehicle. Overall, the crews got to experience a lot, and hopefully they can do it again next time.

Mountville\'s Fourth of July fireworks will be held on Saturday July 5, 2008 at the Mountville Pool, after dusk.  ***Members: sign-up is on the board.***

Squad CrewOn Saturday June 7, 2008, the Lancaster County Fireman\'s Association held its\' 88th Annual Convention and Parade.  Mountville Fire Company No. 1 again entered the Squad into competition and again took home a 1st Place trophy for "Most Functional Fire Department Special Services Unit". Thanks to the crew, who spent many hours cleaning and preparing for judging.

The crew consisted of:
  • Driver: FF D. Millhouse
  • Officer: LT A. Kalbach
  • E3: Capt M. Dicely
  • E4: JrFF R. Hess
  • Driver (Relief): A/C M. Foltz

Full results can be found on the Strasburg Fire Company website.

Capt Dicely and GrandmotherOn Firday June 6, 2008, at the 88th Annual Lancaster County Fireman\'s Association Memorial Service, Chief Drybred and 5 additional dedicated members of the LCFA, who passed away during this past year were remembered.  A rose was given as a memorial to each family member, or department representative at the service, which was held at the Wesley United Methodist Church, 46 W. Main St in Strasburg. 

Captain Michael P. Dicely, Chief Drybreds\' grandson, and Mrs. Lloyd Drybred accepted the memorial in his memory.  The other members honored were:

  • Andrew Byerly, Jr - Lampeter Fire Company
  • Norman N. Eberly - New Holland Fire Company
  • Carl B. Adams - Lampeter Fire Company
  • A. Nelson Brackbill - Intercourse Fire Company
  • Roberta A. Kreider - West Willow Fire Company

The Mountville Fire Company No. 1 would like to thank the LCFA and the Strasburg Fire Company for a very nice memorial service honoring the memory of a very dedicated member of our company.

Squad Crew at Columbia ParadeThe Mountville Volunteers took Squad 7-15 to the Memorial Day Parade in Columbia Boro again this year, as we do every year.  This year we had FF/Marine Zach Patches in the seat.  The parades each year are to honor the men and women who serve our country and to celebrate the freedoms we have.  We also attended a Parade in Mount Joy Borough.  Thanks to those who sponsored the parades, and to the crew that staffed the Squad. 

Left to Right: Chief Dean Gantz, Jr, FF/Marine Zach Patches, JrFF Bobby Hess, FF Brian Saylor

Mountville Borough will be holding their Memorial Day Parade on Friday, May 30, 2008 starting at 6:30pm.

Trainees In ActionThe In-House training session for this evening consisted of Pump Training for our current driver trainees. The trainees were pared with a seasoned driver, and trained on proper operation of the pump and different techniques for attaining the desired results. This was a sucessful training session, and allowed the trainees to log a few more of the required hours of pump time to qualify as a driver for Engine 7-15-2.

Oak Ridge Dr. TownhouseAt approximately 03:49AM the volunteers from 715 (Mountville), 67 (Rohrerstown), 68 (West Lancaster), 66 (Lancaster Twp), 65 (Millersville), 78 (Washington Boro) and EMS from 77 (SVEMS) and 612 (LEMSA) were alerted to the 300 block of Oak Ridge Dr, for a building fire with reported entrapment. Additional information from LCWC was they had received multiple calls reporting fire on the second floor of a townhouse, with a report of a child trapped on the second floor.  Deputy 715 (Evans) arrived and found a middle of the row townhouse with smoke showing from side "Charlie".  D/C 715 assumed the Command and started the 20 minute marks with LCWC.

Basket Bingo will be on Saturday May 10, 2008, starting at 7pm.  Questions or Tickets call Joe Iacono at (717)285-4823. *** Members: Help is still needed ***

The 2008 Mountville Days\' Carnival will be held on May 15, 16 & 17, 2008 at the Mountville Borough Park.

The day turned out busy for the "day shift" volunteers. The first run was put out at 0954 to assist 76 (W. Hempfield) in the 3200 block of Glengreen Dr for a reported Residential structure fire, fire in the living room. D/C 76 (Carter) arrived and advised he had a smoke condition on side charlie. E7151 with a crew of 4 arrived and dropped a supply line at the hydrant and stretched a hand-line to the living room. The fire was contained the the origin, with no extension, crews picked up and returned in just under 1 hour.

The next run came in just 2 hours later. At 1233, the "day shift" was alerted to the area of 3708 Hempland Rd for a crash. E7152 and the Duty responded with a crew of 4. E7152 arrived with a 2 vehicle crash, 1 into the ditch with confinement. Crews stabilized the vehicle and prepared for the arrival of Rescue 76 for the door pop. After a quick door pop, the patient was extricated and placed in the hand of M771 (SVEMS). Crews cleared the scene in just under 40 minutes.

Just 20 minutes after clearing the crash, the day shift was on the street once again. This time it was a reported Auto Alarm at St. Anne\'s Home (3952 Columbia Ave). The crew decided to "double pull" with a crew of 5. Upon arrival, LCWC Communications advised that the alarm was due to a fire drill that was not properly reported to the alarm monitoring company.  St. Annes Command cleared the assignment after confirming the drill with building representatives. This ended the busy morning, and turned out to be the last run for the day.

At 0654, the 715 Duty Officer was alerted to the area of Route 462 and Villiage Drive in the Boro, for a "Public Service". D/C 715 (Evans) went enroute and received the additional of "children" confined in the area of the intersection. Upon arriving, D/C Evans observed a distraught mother at the intersection, confirmed confinement and determined there was a need for additional resources, so E7-15-2 was added to the assignment.

The crew arrived, forced the confining object and sucessfully extricated all "children". The crew from E7-15-2 was credited with a total of 9 sucessfull rescues. The mother and children were reunited and went upon their way. The rescue took approximately 40 minutes...no injuries to the crew or the 9 ducklings rescued from the storm drain.

Duck Rescue 1   Duck Rescue 2

Wrightsville 1At 0548 on Sunday morning, Engine 7-15-1 and Squad 7-15 were dispatched to Wrightsville, York County, to assist Station 41 (Wrightsville) with a 2 alarm structure fire with possible entrapment. Upon the arrival of Engine 7-15-1, the crew was quickly put in-service to the rear of the fire building. The crews\' first task was to assist with supression on the 2nd floor of the 3 story building. During the interior operations, the evacuation tone was sounded, and all crews were advised to immediately exit the fire building due to rapidly deteriorating conditions. Once all crews were accounted for, the next task for the crew was to go to the balcony and roof of the exposure building. Crews from multiple companies worked hard together and ultimately kept the fire from spreading to the adjoining buildings.

The Squad crew was tasked with filling SCBA cylinders for the personnel on the scene. They filled a total of 86 cylinders, with the remaining few filled by Rescue 8-4-1.

For more information please visit the website of the Wrightsville Steam & Hose Company.

The New Engine Committee took a "road-trip" to the Aberdeen Fire Protection District #1 in Aberdeen, NJ to look at their 2004 Crimson Engine. After a 2 1/2 hour drive, we arrived at their station to be met by a group of their members very willing to answer any questions we had.  The trip proved to be a very worthwhile trip. Their Engine has a lot of the "features" and options we are looking for, which made it easy to imagine their piece in the traditional "slime-lime" of Mountville.

The committee would like to extend our thanks to the gentlemen that spent their time on Sunday morning to answer our questions.  The hospitality was unbelieveable...we are sold.

Fire company members participated in a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) training program offered through the American Heart Association. The training included new changes in CPR for the adult, child and infant patients. Participants practiced using an AED to increase the chances of survival for patients that collapse from a sudden cardiac arrest situation.

Mountville Fire Company No. 1 currently carries and AED on Squad 7-15 and Engine 7-15-2. Since the fire companies are often closer to the scene

Easter Sunday brought 2 calls for the Mountville crew. The first call was 08-073, a 2 vehicle collision on the Route 30 eastbound exit ramp to Stoney Battery Road. The crew from 7-15-2 pulled a can and stabilized the vehicle, while EMS personnel from SVEMS provided patient care. Fluid control was also accomplished. The rescue from WHFR was placed available soon after the engine arrived. Time on scene was approximately 30 minutes.

Please bear with us as we finish the "Reconstruction" of our site, things will be appearing and coming together shortly.

Stork - BoyCongratulations to Adam W. and Lauren G. on the birth of their baby boy. Noah Adam was born on February 13, 2008 at 11:25pm, weighing in at 7lb 5oz. Everyone is doing fine. We welcome the new addition to the Mountville Fire Company family.

The platform on which Mountvillefire.com is hosted, has completed the migration process to the new platform. What does this mean for users? The new platform was built from the ground up to be faster and more secure than the legacy platform. With the migration comes a few minor changes in how things are accessed. Most of which the average user will never see, however there is a change to the Webmail Access.

Highland Dr-1At 2254 the house fire assignment was alerted for the 400 block of Highland Drive in W Hempfield Twp. Engine 7151 went enroute in minutes with a staffing of 6 personnel. Arriving on the scene at the same time as Engine 762, there was heavy fire showing from the second floor. The crew from 715 advanced a hand line to the front door, where we received reports of an occupant still inside the structure. Once making entry into the structure, the crew encountered the patient and removed him to the front yard. The crew then advanced the hand line to the second floor and began fire attack. Once on the second floor, the crew met up with the crew from 76 and began fire attack. The crew from Tower 67began truck ops to expose heavy fire above the ceiling. Within several minutes, the bulk of the fire was knocked. Units assisted in completion of overhaul and returned to service at 0052.
Engine 7151 Crew
Chauffer P-Weit
Officer Lt. Kalbach
E3 Capt Dicely
E4 FF Stauffer
E5 FF A.B. Weitzel
E6 FF Thomas