Dodge Ball 2017

On November 20, crews from Mountville, East Petersburg, West Hempfield and Hempfield fire companies converged on The Nook again for our annual air conservation drills for the joint training session. Crews played dodge ball until they ran our of air in their cylinders. This drill gives the members a sense of how long they can work, while exerting themselves, in an air pack. Thank you to the Nook for allowing us use of the facility and thank you to the members for your participation. See you next time.

Forcible Entry Techniques For Company Level Drill Night

The company level drill for this week was “Forcible Entry Techniques”, lead by Assistant Chief Kalbach. Members reviewed and practiced different techniques for both inward and outward swinging doors, along with “through the lock” methods utilizing various forcible entry tools found on an Engine Company. This drill was completed with the use of the door simulators at LCPSTC.

Roof Drills At LCPSTC

This weeks company level drill was roof operations, conducted by Captain Duquin and Assistant Chief Kalbach. Members reviewed proper tool selection and placement as well as the basic practices of souding the roof and PPE. This video show A/C Kalbach demonstrating how to vent a roof using the roof simulator at the LCPSTC