Air 7

2004 Crimson Custom

Air 7 is a 2004 Crimson Custom on a Spartan Gladiator Chassis. This was the 2nd piece of Crimson apparatus in Lancaster County. Air 7 was built as a “Special Service” piece, fulfilling a specialized purpose within the Emergency Services roles. Air 7 was built as an Air, Power and Light unit. Air units are needed to fill the self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA, tanks that firefighters use when they are in smokey or hazardous conditions.

Air 7’s on-board air system consists of 6 x 6000psi cascade cylinders, a 14cfm Mako Compressor and a 2 position Mako fill station. This setup allows us an essentially unlimited supply of Grade E breathing air. (The Grade “E” rating is higher than the Grade “D” requirement for firefighting SCBA cylinders, allowing us to fill SCUBA cylinders if the need arises.) We have a 300ft high-pressure air hose reel, allowing for confined space operations and filling in-house cascade systems. Our fill station allows us to fill 2216psi, 3000psi and 4500psi SCBA cylinders without having to change fill whips. We also carry a wide assortment of air fittings and adapters to allow us to be compatible with most air systems not using the Lancaster County Standard VHC-4 air fittings.

The heart of the power portion of this piece is a 40kW Onan PTO driven generator. This generator supplies 2 x 200ft cord reels and multiple outlets around the piece. It also powers all of the lighting that the piece is equipped with.

The lighting compliment consists of 4 x 500W body mounted Quartz lights, 2 x 10′ tripod mounted Halogen IR Quartz lights and a 16′ Wilbert light tower outfitted with 6 x 900W Halogen IR Quartz lights for a total of 9,000W of light output around the unit.