Join Us

The members of Mountville Fire Company No. 1 are 100% volunteer. They take the time out of their days to help their friends and neighbors when disaster strikes. That doesn’t mean they have to be home all the time. In fact, many volunteer firefighters work outside of our community and respond only when they can, or when they are home.

You too could become a firefighter or a member of our department. We need help in a lot of different areas, and all ages and ability levels can contribute.

Here are some positions where YOU could help!

Senior Firefighter: This is the most demanding task that is available for anyone 18 and older. These men and women respond to emergencies like fires, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents and more. All training is provided by Mountville Fire Company, and all essential equipment is also provided.

Junior Firefighter: If you are under 18, but older than 14, you can still help out. Junior Firefighters assist at emergency scenes with essential tasks like cleanup, equipment management, rehabilitation and more. These young men and women are the future of the fire service, and are counted on to help and observe. All training and essential equipment is provided by Mountville Fire Company.

Fire Police Officers: These members respond directly to emergency scenes when they are called upon. Their task is to maintain a safe traffic flow near and around emergency scenes. There is no age limits to becoming a Fire Police Officer, they only need a valid drivers license, and a reliable mode of transportation. Other equipment ad training provided by Mountville Fire Company.

Administrative & Support Volunteers: These members assist with the business aspects of running a fire company. Record keeping, website improvements, financial management, public education programs, station and equipment maintenance, as well as special community events are all things these individuals can help with.

Volunteers can help out in many ways, some that may not even be listed here yet. Do you want to learn more, sign up to help out or just ask a question about volunteering? Fill out our “Contact Us” form and a station representative will contact you soon!