FF Z. Schneck Returns From Ft. Benning

After spending the last 7 weeks at Ft. Benning, completing his Infantry Training, FF Z. Schneck returns home. Zach is now a member of the “1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment” of the US Army. Please help us welcome FF Schneck home.

Photo Courtesy: Lindsay Schneck

Forcible Entry Techniques For Company Level Drill Night

The company level drill for this week was “Forcible Entry Techniques”, lead by Assistant Chief Kalbach. Members reviewed and practiced different techniques for both inward and outward swinging doors, along with “through the lock” methods utilizing various forcible entry tools found on an Engine Company. This drill was completed with the use of the door simulators at LCPSTC.

Roof Drills At LCPSTC

This weeks company level drill was roof operations, conducted by Captain Duquin and Assistant Chief Kalbach. Members reviewed proper tool selection and placement as well as the basic practices of souding the roof and PPE. This video show A/C Kalbach demonstrating how to vent a roof using the roof simulator at the LCPSTC


2017 Fund Drive Progress

Our 2017 Fund Drive is well underway. We are progressing toward our goal, but have only seen about an 18% rate of return from the residents and businesses in our first due. We strive to provide top-notch service to our community, however, we can not do that without your support as well.

Our annual fund drive provides the funding for us to continue to operate. We receive grants from both Federal and State agencies, but that is not enough to cover daily operations as well as other financial obligations. We as a department have been, and continue to be, vigilant with our spending. Continue reading “2017 Fund Drive Progress”

Company 7 Runs Late Evening MVA

Company 7 was dispatched along with Rescue 80 (Columbia Borough Fire Department) to the intersection of 462 (Columbia Ave) and Prospect Rd for a reported 2 vehicle accident. Chief 7 (Gantz,Jr) and Captain 7 (Duquin) arrived and confirmed the report with WHTPD already on the scene. Crews controlled fluids and cleaned up the debris field while awaiting the tow company. Crews cleared the scene a short time later.

A New Look

As you may notice, we have taken on a new, simplified look that is more compatible with the diverse number of different devices that people use to view the web these days.

Please bear with us as we continue to move some of our static content and customized site features over to the new site, and tweak the layout until we get it just right.

Thank you for the support and patience throughout this process.